Making Your Own Traditions: Boo'n It Up at the Fort Worth Zoo

I recently shared a picture of my daughter Peyton at the Texas State Fair and her reaction to her first encounter with junk food.  I know that having junk food (read: refined sugar, processed foods, etc.) once a year isn’t going to kill her, but I was surprised by the number of people that responded with comments that Peyton was finally getting to “live”. I see it as the total opposite, but that’s another post for another day.


With the State Fair being so close to Halloween I have been racking my head with ways I can still incorporate the fun experience of Halloween without compromising on what I feel is the most important; nutrition for my kiddo. Dressing up can be fun if it is something she is into, but I can’t wrap my mind around her going trick-or-treating just to have the candy taken away from her at the end of night - I feel like that’s just cruel! The answer came in the form of what I am sure will be our new “Fall Fun Tradition” (at least until age 7 or so) Boo at The Zoo!


Top 3 reasons Boo at The Fort Worth Zoo Is the Move For Me and My Mini:

1. It wasn’t about the candy. Boo at the Zoo provided strategically set up stations that allowed kids to trick or treat if they chose to do so, but the experience wasn’t all about the treats. For a parent that may not be a candy advocate this was an ideal atmosphere because not only did they offer stations with healthier options, but the stations were only in a certain area and completely avoidable. That was a BIG selling point for me!

2. It wasn’t a costume competition. Boy, did I see some really cute costumes that day! In some cases the whole family was dressed up and it was Ahhhmazing! However, it wasn’t a contest and I liked that. Everyone was out just enjoying the day and taking in the experience.


3. A Break from Walking?! Please and Thank You! The absolute best part were the shows and activities! It seemed like every time I was getting tired of walking…bloop...a show appeared almost like it was heaven sent! Dragging a kiddo, stroller, several bags and Nana was a lot, but the shows made it all worth it! Walking for 15 minutes and taking a 20 minute break at a show, was pretty much the day’s agenda. Not only did they teach all of the kids the “Thriller” dance, but the Animal Adventures Show introduced kids to a vulture, boa, penguin and an owl, up close and personal. it was very informative and the kids who ranged from itty-bitty to about 8, really seemed to be engaged in taking in all of the facts.



Since this was my first time at this event with a child of my own, I did learn a couple of things. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • It is definitely best to bring a stroller or wagon to carry your child and goodies.
  • Next year I will definitely forego a purse and just make everything fit in ONE backpack!

  • This is definitely not an event for older kids, I witnessed so many older kids bored out of their minds, so you may want to leave the older siblings at home.

  • Lastly, the earlier the better! We got there at around noon on Sunday and managed to get a front row parking spot and it was not congested AT ALL!

I can’t wait till next year to see if they change the shows, look and feel of the event! Any of you guys  attend this year’s Boo at The Zoo or have in the past? What did you think?