Yucky Nose Season: 3 Things You Need To Conquer A Runny or Stuffy Nose

My pet peeve is seeing a kid with a dirty nose. I mean, I am well aware that they tend to run like Niagra Falls or they get so stuffed up, all you can hear is your mini breathing like an 18 Wheeler going down the highway. Both can be super annoying because there is absolutely nothing they can do about it and it is up to us parents to rectify the situation. What’s a parent to do?!  I suggest trying these 3 tips and in a week tops, I promise you that you will be equipped to conquer those nose monsters and your little one will be dishing out extra hugs because they are going to feel that much better!

Invest In A Diffuser

I am such an oily mama and it has proven to be beneficial. Not only does the smell of essential oils put me in a better mood in general, but the health benefits are on a whole other level. I mean, there is an oil for everything. Since Peyton was born, I always keep a diffuser running in her room right before bed and throughout the night.

- For congestion: spiked lavender and cypress

-For runny nose: lavender, lemon, melaleuca, and lemongrass

Nuby Breathe-eez Nasal Aspirator

Me: “Peyton, get your fingers out of your nose!”

P: “Mommy, I have booger monsters!”

What do I do? Pull out my Breathe-eez which just happens to be the perfect size for traveling and fits in my purse! The thought of sucking up snot with my mouth was terrifying at first but I can promise you it doesn’t make it to your mouth and this is so much easier than the “old school” bulbs! SO MUCH EASIER! I am in love!

Image Crane USA

Image Crane USA

Humidifiers are LIFE

I remember growing up and my mom making me sit in a steamy shower, or sit with a towel over my head over a steaming pot. Times have changed and convenience reigns supreme. I love my Crane Cool Mist Humidifier and make sure to keep it flowing especially in the fall and winter seasons. These are perfect to create moisture, which definitely eases congestion and coughing.

Do you have any cool tips for runny/stuffy noses? I can’t be the only one that cringes when I see a yucky nose running my way, am I?

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