Snacking Made Easy: Nuby Snack N' Sip Container

I don’t know about the rest of my Mommy friends but, as Peyton gets older and the list of things that she just HAS to bring with us grows longer, I am all about convenience whenever it is physically possible. Insert the Nuby Snack N’ Sip Container!  The word “convenient” would be an understatement.  This cup is pretty much a gift from above to this toddler and her Mommy.

At just two, I am noticing a new streak of independence in Peyton that, while cute at times, can also be a bit overwhelming. This “big girl” cup, complete with her “big girl” straw, is a perfect replica of something Mommy would drink out of.  All of you Moms that understand copy-cat syndrome will be delighted.  The real beauty of the Nuby Snack N’ Sip comes in the clickable top compartment that is perfect for holding a toddler-size snack portion for an afternoon of fun. Check out our Mommy and Mini adventure below.

You can shop the Nuby Snack N’ Sip Container at your local Babies R Us!

What are some of your favorite toddler friendly Nuby goodies?