There's No Excuse When Someone Calls You Mommy

For the longest time after becoming Peyton’s mom my workout regiment has been somewhat inconsistent in comparison to pre-Peyton.  With so many things on the to-do list, it is easy to make working out a ‘we’ll see’ item. I mean, you have to find a sitter, get motivated, get dressed, and sometimes that can be a workout in itself.

Image Juan Carlos Puebla of 52nd Witness

Image Juan Carlos Puebla of 52nd Witness

I started singing a different tune once we entered the “toddler phase.”  Kids are sponges and they will copy everything you do whether it be good or bad.  I know you guys see all of those disgusting videos on Vine and Facebook with kids cursing, dancing all kinds of inappropriately and so on, so a decision has to be made at some point on what things we want to pour into our kiddos and the earlier we start the better! Whether it’s showing our daughters how to be loved or our sons how to treat women, we can talk about it until we're blue in the face but what examples are we setting? What do your kids SEE you do? What do you put value in and, ultimately, what are you showing them holds the most value to you?

These are the questions that I was asking myself not too long ago when I had to make some serious life changes. Things like putting my phone away from school pick up time until bedtime, because Peyton was becoming obsessed with mommy and daddy’s phone.  We were glued to them, so why wouldn’t she want to see what all the hype is about too?!  Most importantly though, I wanted to make sure that I was promoting a positive body image and the importance of staying active. Now, if I am being transparent I do not get nearly as good of a workout in when I have Peyton in tow. My form is off, my focus isn’t all there, but all of that is null and void when I see her trying to imitate my movements and the smile on her face when she finally gets it! So, I have dedicated 15-minutes at least 3 days a week to “working out” with her and I can totally see the benefits!

Contrary to popular belief I do not care much about Peyton’s size or outer physical appearance.  Granted, I don’t want my child looking crazy or unkept, but my goal is to make sure that she values herself, her temple, and sees the importance of the choices that she will make in her future. You see, the concept behind “Live Your Fit” is to be the best version of YOU. Trying to grow in all areas each and every day. It isn’t about being a certain size it’s about being healthy, it’s about loving yourself and promoting positivity and inspiration for others to want to do the same. I am definitely not running a toddler boot camp over here but I sure do hope that I am encouraging Peyton to Live Her Fit, not be afraid to get up, get out,  get active, and most importantly - give it her all.

What are some ways that you model an active and positive lifestyle for your mini? Has technology taken over in your household? What are some ways we can reverse the growing plague of childhood obesity that is taking over our youth?

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