Health Care Gets More Affordable


I have made it no secret that despite having a full-time job and a business life as a single mom is often challenging when dealing with finances without consistent financial support. Raising a child with medical issues has been a journey with some month's medical bills ranging from $300 to $2000. This year I have taken even more initiative in making sure that I am using all the resources available to me, so when I discovered SingleCare could cut our prescriptions up to 80% and ultimately allow my household to save money. I knew it was something I needed to start using.

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SingleCare partners with the best providers, so you save without compromising the level of care you are accustomed to receiving. This is more than just reduced prescriptions; we are talking virtual doctor visits, dental, vision, the whole works. Also - being a SingleCare member is FREE and there are no ongoing fees or premiums (so there's no catch). Partnering with top pharmacies such as CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens, allows the patients to get the medicine you need at the best price so that your money can go towards other things. Sometimes finding a generic medication is not an option, but SingleCare equips their customers with discounts and the transparency to be able to compare prices before you go to the pharmacy so that you can fully see your savings. Even if you do have insurance, you can still save with SingleCare by having your pharmacist ring up both the insurance pricing and SingleCare pricing to see which saves you more. The part I was most surprised about is that I can use the card for my dog Diesel as well.


So what do you need to do to get in on all of these savings? Well first go to where you will be prompted to search for your prescription and compare pharmacy savings, you then can select which coupon works best for you and get a text, email, or print out of the coupon then take it to the pharmacy! 

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