"Sweat It Out" with Kristina Jimenez

It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t have left you….(if you didn’t catch that reference, we seriously can not be friends). But, on a serious note our “Sweat It Out” series has gotten a facelift as we have shifted through submission after submission until we’ve found some pretty awesome fitness inspiration for 2017. Each and every one of our features have a pretty good ear for music and have curated a playlist that will keep you motivated during your sweaty sessions.

It is easy for a pretty face to catch your eye but it takes a little bit more to grab your attention and to deem someone “fitspo” worthy. In our eyes, Kristina Jimenez shines above the outer appearances and is someone who embodies a love for fitness that can definitely motivate you on days when you just don’t want to get up and get active. Hopefully she has the same affect on you!


Kristina Jimenez




Columbus, OH

What is your favorite way to sweat and what made you fall in love with it?

Running. I fell in love with running when I was a kid and have continued to love the sport since! I run every day and it is honestly the best "me" time I could ask for! Whether I need some time to clear my mind, get some steam out because I'm stressed about something, or need some creative inspiration, running is the best way to get get through life's many moments!

How long have you been dedicated to living a #HEALTHYLIVINGLIFESTYLE and what exactly helped you decide to make that change?

I really started caring about health and nutrition once I left high school. I always ran cross country and once I found out I was pretty good at running, I started caring more about what I put in my body to enhance my performance. As a result my body became more toned, and my last year of high school I became a model for Abercrombie Brands. I was picked up by my first talent agency Heyman Talent, and fell in love with acting and entertainment ever since.

What is your absolute favorite workout gear brand and why?

I love all yoga apparel (especially Lululemon), Nike clothing and shoes, and I love Avia apparel! They have great prices and offer some really cute pieces.

What is your absolute favorite workout shoe and why?

I really like Nike Women's Zoom shoes and I love Mizuno USA shoes for any type of long distance running!

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What motivates you to keep going on days that you don’t want to workout and or eat right?

It's weird but, I never have days where I don't want to go outside and run or get a good workout in. My body needs to get the energy out! When it comes to eating right, I do splurge and eat sweets every now and then (I LOVE dark chocolate) but I eat all things in moderation and know if I eat poorly, my body will feel poorly in the end. Thinking about that end feeling is really what keeps me motivated to eat healthy.

What is the motto that you live by?

You only have one life to live. Live life to it's fullest everyday! Step outside of your comfort zone, go after your dreams, and always spread light and love to others!

If you could give advice to anyone who is struggling to transition to a healthy living, lifestyle, what would you say?

It is not as hard and daunting as it may seem. You don't need to starve yourself or workout to exhaustion- you can still eat the amount you want and when you want but make sure you are eating healthy non processed foods, and workout until your body feels well trained! Baby steps is key and finding a good community to motivate you is also key.

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How did you come up with your playlist name?

I listen to Spotify workout radio. They have a ton of great running playlists and they are super motivational, so I decided to title my playlist " Get Motivated". 

What songs are you rocking out to?

I like upbeat pop (anything you can dance to), EDM, and House music.

What are your social media handles?

@kristinajimene on Twitter and Instagram. You can also check out my YouTube page at Kristina Jimenez  and my website at www.kjofficial.com.

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