"Sweat It Out" with Dancing Cante

There are so many reasons that people turn to fitness or a healthy lifestyle. I think that society would have us believe that it is all about the aesthetics, that people are motivated to do anything that resembles itself as “healthy” because they want amazing abs, or legs that demand a second , look but, so many times it is a lot deeper than that. For some, fitness can be your saving grace mentally more than physically. It can be that key component that makes everything better, that brings your peace, and that feeds your soul. That’s the vibe you get when you experience Dancing Cante. With her, it is less about a look and more about a feel - a feel that it would be selfish of me not to share with all of you. Brace yourself.


Dancing Cante




Nashoba, Oklahoma

What is your favorite way to sweat and what made you fall in love with it?

I share an equal love for running, yoga, and lifting. My mom is a runner and she sort of passed down that passion. Yoga came to me at a point in my life when it was critical for me to find self-love and since then it has completely changed my life! I have been completely self-taught, my first time being in a yoga class I was actually teaching the class!!  Lifting came about a year after yoga, and for those days that you just need to feel powerful and release stress nothing beats pushing weight!

 How long have you been dedicated to living a #HEALTHYLIVINGLIFESTYLE and what exactly helped you decide to make that change?

It's been about 3 years now. At 21 I went through a big breakup/heartbreak, two weeks after that I adopted my 5-year old niece and a month after that I was in a really bad car wreck. While I was still hurt, I wasn't able to exercise or do much really at all and I absolutely hated that feeling, but it made me realize what all I was taking for granted. I made a choice to better myself and to be a healthy role model for my niece.

 What is your absolute favorite workout gear brand and why?

Honestly, I really have no preference. A work out is a workout. As long as I can get a good sweat, I’m happy.

What is your absolute favorite workout shoe and why?

Nike Flex are my all time favorite for running!

What motivates you to keep going on days that you don’t want to workout and or eat right?

We all have days that are hard to find motivation and days when we want to just eat everything in sight.  On these days what helps me most is motivating someone else. When you realize that someone else is looking up to you, and someone always is, you will push yourself harder.

What is the motto that you live by? This could be a saying or quote.

"Life is tricky because it has a silent E"  - Layla Monay

When my niece was learning to read she said this.. and for me it just spoke volumes. Life can be so hard at times and so frustrating but I always think back to this little saying because it reminds me that life is far simpler then we make it seem. So live and spread love!

 If you could give advice to anyone who is struggling to transition to a healthy living, lifestyle, what would you say?

Take baby steps, and eventually you will find yourself there, sweaty, and smiling! Don't beat yourself up on the days you fail, don't let a bad day be an excuse to have a bad week. You're strong and able you just have to be willing to see that side of yourself. ♥


How did you come up with your playlist name?

I was not creative at all when it came to my playlist names. I have " Running" "Yoga" and "Lifting". My lazy took over.

 What songs are you rocking out to?

For running the band "Wyldlife" is my go to!

For yoga I play a big variety, from "Led Zeppelin" to "The Weekend" to "Norah Jones" to "Shakira" haha just depends on the day!

What are your social media handles?

Instagram is my only Social Media : Doo_Dah_Day

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