You Used To Call Me On My Cellphone: Why I Broke up with my Personal Trainer


If we are Facebook friends, last week you had a front row seat to my break up with my personal trainer. It was a pretty emotional situation due, in large part, to her personal situation and because I really do like her, but business is business and I also had to consider my goals and the fact that not training wasn’t going to work any longer.

I have been working out at L.A Fitness since 2012 and was really enjoying being motivated via the older crowd that usually frequents the facilities during my 5 am workout sessions. To be honest, what can be better motivation than a group of people 60+ that can do absolutely everything better than you? They lift more weight, run faster, and have amazing form! So, when I decided to sign a contract for a year of personal training sessions,  I just knew I was about to be in fitness competitions and get totally ripped. Three months later, finding out I was pregnant and being assigned modified bed rest left me with a whole bunch of  L.A Fitness training sessions burning a huge hole in my wallet.  Post baby, I decided to give it another shot and with over 150 sessions bought and paid for, I was ready to get to work.

Things were great...AT FIRST.  My trainer was always on time, and though her routines lacked variety she was great to talk to and had a great spirit. Then life happened and she had some “personal issues” and started texting me that she was running late. I wasn’t phased as long as we still got it in! Then, she started calling me at 4 a.m to tell me she wasn’t going to make it to our sessions at least once a week. The straw that broke the training’s back was a particularly early cancellation followed by my running into the hour after she was supposed to meet me. Really?!  Unfortunately, I had to text her and let her know it was over.  I was proud of my decision, confident even. That is until I saw her the next morning at the gym.


Her: “I called you.”

Me: “I know. I just think everything has already been said.”

Her: *blank stare*

Me: *walks away thinking “Geesh, I feel like a boy.”*


I made a vow that day never to be the same fool twice and I want you guys to learn from my mistakes.  So, if you’re looking for a trainer, wondering if you should even get one, or if you’re dealing with a trainer horror story, here are...


3 things to consider when choosing a personal trainer.


1. Are they Living Their Fit Everyday?


We all have setbacks and things can often times derail you from your goals if you are not careful but, a personal trainer should be a living example of your aspirations. You shouldn’t have to pay someone and then encourage them to get the energy to train you and push you to your limits.  


2.  Are They Professional?


I loved having someone I could talk to while working out and I definitely want to be trained by someone with positive energy, but there has to be a healthy balance. When the training becomes secondary to conversation, it’s a problem.


3.  Availability


You are the client and YOU are the one purchasing a service, so under no circumstances should you have to be inconvenienced. Before picking someone, make sure they are available (REALLY available) at a time that works best for you. If you guys agree on a time and the trainer has an issue, make sure they guarantee your funds back or arrange for your session to be covered by another trainer. We all have issues and life happens, even to your trainer.  However, you are paying for a service and your trainer should provide the best support possible to guarantee that your goals aren’t derailed.  


Unfortunately for me, as soon as I knock out these 70 sessions I have left (once they find a trainer that can meet with me or refund my money) I will no longer be making any long term commitments with any personal trainers. I’ve been scarred! But, don’t allow that to deter you from pursuing your training experience.

Anyone have any personal training tales of their own? Any tips on what to look for if personal training is something you need to take yourself to the next level? Leave a comment, we can all learn from one another!