She's Making A List and Checking It Twice!

I’m making a list guys. I’m not one for the “New Year, New Me” stuff because, if I am being honest, I already think I am pretty awesome! However, I am a very goal-oriented type of gal and I am constantly looking for ways to grow and expand my horizons.  

One way I plan on expanding those horizons as we enter a new year, is to make a list of all of the fitness spots that I want to experience before I meet 2017. I’ve been a member of a gym for a long time, but after breaking up with my trainer, I have total gym phobia. I need options! Luckily, I’ll have you guys to keep me accountable as I plan on attending 17 fitness spots in the DFW with an accompanying recap for each.  



Take a look at the 17 fitness spots I WILL experience before January 1, 2017. Speaking it into existence, guys!




  1. Classic Pilates Dallas

  2. Plum Yoga

  3. Sunstone Yoga

  4. Flywheel Dallas

  5. BarreCode Dallas

  6. Bar Method

  7. Beyond Studios

  8. North Texas Yoga

  9. The Yoga Factory

  10. We Yogis

  11. Equinox

  12. Orange Theory Fitness

  13. Beyond 500

  14. ZYN22

  15. Burn Cardio Studio

  16. Fit 180

  17. The Ride House

You know I am all about accountability tactics, so since I have written it down and shared it with all of you guys, now I have got to make it happen! Have you tried any of these places out? If so, what did you think? Any places I’m missing on my list?