November Fitness Challenges Across the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex

I think challenges are a great way to encourage participants to be accountable for their goals and still have fun in the process. Sometimes, a challenge can give you the extra “umph” you need to kick your ass into high gear towards the end of the month. I mean, who wants to put in all that work and miss out on your prize because you got lazy towards the end? Nobody! So, here are 2 Dallas-based fitness studios that are challenging you to be great.  Not only will your body thank you, so will your wallet.

Image FlyWheel

Image FlyWheel

FlyWheel/FlyBarre Texas

I finally took a cycling class and even though it wasn’t at this facility and it did make my lady parts feel a little uncomfortable, I did get an adrenaline rush that I am super excited to experience again! FlyWheel/FlyBarre Texas is offering some pretty amazing incentives for you to get down and get spinning.

Take six classes at Highland Park or Plano on weekdays in November and you’ll get a complimentary class in December! Book below, and be sure to visit the front desk to pick up your Weekday Warrior checklist the first week in November. (Limit 1 free class per participant).

Image Grit Fitness

Image Grit Fitness


Because Grit Fitness never disappoints and is constantly thinking of innovative ways to push fitness enthusiasts to challenge themselves just a little bit more, you knew they’d have a deal for you this month!

The LAST challenge of 2016 started November 1st!  By completing the November Challenge you can earn the new "but first GRIT" coffee mug OR the red tank top from the October Challenge.

Gratitude boards have been placed at each studio so, after you finish a class, write down something you're grateful for and place it on the board.  #GRITandGRATITUDE