Adiós March

This year is going by so quick!  I personally am really trying to use 2016 to grow spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I really feel like this is the year for transitioning into my purpose and really getting to know who Brittany really is. It’s been a rollercoaster thus far and I am really enjoying the ride. Even though we are just THREE months in the takeaways are on a whole other level…



My body doesn’t need meat….but my mind is another story.


This month I joined the masses that decided to partake in the #NoMeatMarch challenge. I can honestly say that I have a lot more energy and felt like I was in a better mood this month. I did reach two “hiccups” in my plan when I went on a road trip to Houston and was not prepared. Because of this, I found myself at Arby’s eating cheese sticks and although it wasn’t meat it had me feeling extremely BLAH! Then, I went to California for a week and honestly it was so easy not wanting meat while I was there because Los Angeles has vegan/vegetarian spots absolutely EVERYWHERE.  When we ventured to Malibu, I decided that I just had to have some fish since we were so close to the water and left really disappointed and wishing I would not have even wavered from my plan. Definitely left with the sads...but hey, you live and you learn. Ultimately, I have decided that for now I am drastically reducing my meat intake but, not fully committing to a vegetarian diet - at least not anytime soon.   As my personal fit journey progresses, I see myself leaning more towards pescaterian (if anything) but we shall see.

Photographer  Ryan McGuire       

Photographer Ryan McGuire



 March Madness isn’t good for my health.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a die hard Kansas Jayhawks Men’s Basketball fan! My obsession started when one of my really close childhood friends started playing for them in 2001 and the rest is history. Each March, no matter how much I have going on, I get my heart set for my team to win it all. You will NEVER find a bracket created by me that does not have them as the winner. This year I was feeling even more secure because THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES felt the same way as me! But, Saturday night we (yes I said we) lost to Villanova and my heart sunk to pit of my stomach. I couldn't even function on Sunday. No Bueno. I’ve literally laid on my bestie’s couch crying after a Jayhawk’s loss during the tournament. This isn’t good and I need to do better.

Nutrition can be cheap.

I had the opportunity to be featured on ‘Starving On A Budget’ this month and there we discussed how to eat healthy for cheap and I even created a sample meal plan that ultimately cost about $1.25 a serving. It’s all about how you shop, where you shop, and what’s in season. Planning ahead and focusing on sales can really cut your food budget in half and still allow for you and your family to maintain a healthy living lifestyle.  

How did March treat you? Any celebrations or revelations?


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