Sip and Step: Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate and Nike Foamposites

Although I know it isn’t right, I have always been the type to “drink my calories” and I have yet to find reason to apologize for it. It’s all about balance, right? So, when I made the decision to ditch my one time favorite drink (Coca Cola, for the upteenth time)  I had to find some alternatives that still gave me the feel goods without the compromise in my nutrition goals.

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Looking for a “healthy” drink alternative isn’t easy.  You have to make sure that you are really checking those labels and reading the fine print. Ultimately, finding a “healthy” drink is almost like finding a unicorn, or better yet - for this post, finding a pair of Nike Foamposites that I actually like.  Hard, but not impossible!

Image Oscar Lozada Nike Air Foamposite Pro " Volt"

Image Oscar Lozada Nike Air Foamposite Pro " Volt"

Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate

I wish I could say I keep a strong supply of these in my fridge but the price per can puts a halt to that. I definitely make sure to get at least 2-3 cans every shopping trip and they were super helpful the week I attempted to give up coffee.  That said, coffee itself isn’t bad for you, it’s the extras that we add to coffee that gives it a bad rep.  I like the extras.

Why I Love It:

This drink genuinely has the strength of coffee, the health benefits that come with drinking tea, and the taste is really flavorful! Studies show that yerba mate has a higher nutritional value than green tea!Yerba mate is a traditional drink made from the dried leaves of an evergreen holly, Ilex paraguariensis, a native plant of South America.This plant is found in the wild but is also cultivated on plantations similarly to familiar kinds of tea. It comes in several flavors, so there is something for everybody!

The Reality:

For anyone that is taking any medication for blood pressure, I would not recommend trying this because of the risk of raised blood pressure and heart rate when consuming this beverage. Moderation is key, y’all!

Nike Foamposites

These all go back to high school and my life as a sports medicine athletic trainer for our school’s varsity basketball team.  All that nostalgia put together = those “Royal Blue” Air Foamposite Ones! The whole squad wanted them but only a few actually had them and, of course, my high school crush was one of the first to get them.  The rest was history.

Why I Love Them:

The futuristic “beetle” inspired design was made noteworthy, originally due to the popularity of one of my top five favorite players, Penny Hardaway. So, when you have your crush and one of your favorite players all about these shoes, of course a young and impressionable high school girl is going to love these by default. Duh.

The Reality:

The popularity hasn’t decreased but I believe that’s only because of the hype surrounding the shoe.   In my opinion, the designs in the last couple of years have genuinely been a hit or miss and not easily accessible on any level.  The Thermals, Weathermans, Concords, and Supremes were pretty darn ugly but they redeemed themselves with the Oregon issue and, of course, the Yeezys.  Add in the fact that the price point is the cost of a week of Peyton’s tuition and you have all the reasons why I will have to admire these from afar, for now.  BUT, the Wu-Tang Nike Air Foamposite Ones that are set to release this summer are NICE!

Are there any shoes that take you back to that special place? A pair you always wanted but your parents just weren’t about that life?!