Sip and Step: Rain Boots and Health-Ade Kombucha

I’ve decided to combine two of the things I love into a mini-series to hip some of my readers to some amazing shoe options for those people who are like me and love to dress up their feet in anything other than heels (like seriously, I physically can’t walk in heels. No lie). And some “healthy” alternatives to H2O because, we know how important it is to get in our daily intake of water, right?  But, what happens after you’ve met that goal, though? Since all of the tricks to get in the right of amount of H20 into our system is pretty much a given at this point, let’s focus on a few good alternatives to add a little bit of flavor to your day.

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Image Oscar Lozada

Image Oscar Lozada

Health-Ade Kombucha

So, I had the opportunity to try this healthy nectar at Wanderlust a couple of weeks ago and I really fell in love! The Pink Lady flavor easily won me over hands down! The Kombucha craze has always had me intrigued, but the prices that I see everytime I hit up my local grocery stores? Yea….that. I definitely convinced myself that I did not need another addiction that could add an additional ding to my wallet!

Why I Love It:

Kombucha is a fermented drink made using tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast. It is often sought after for its amazing health benefits. Russian scientists believed that people were immune to cancer because they drank this ancient concoction . It has detoxifying effects because it is rich in enzymes and bacterial acids that help aid the digestive process in the body. As a probiotic drink, it helps reduce symptoms stemming from depression and anxiety. I think that is super dope! Kombucha is also extremely rich in antioxidants so, it helps boost energy levels and strengthen the immune system. 

The Reality:

The sugar content and cost is definitely a little high to become a regular part of my day, but I do look forward to the 1-2 times a week I get to indulge.  I absolutely can not wait to venture out with some other flavors!


My Target Rain Boots

“The D” (or, Dallas to the rest of the world) has been experiencing lots and lots of rain.  While we’ve totally needed the rain, wet weather isn’t consistent with normal Texas weather at all! However, you won’t get any complaints from me because all this drizzle just means I get to break out my rain boots!

Why I Love Them:

They add a little bit of flair to any outfit and are super comfy! You can use them to protect your shoes until you get to your destination in wet weather or, if you’re like me, you can wear them all day anytime the forecast says there is a 20% or more chance of rain.  With so many designs and style options you just can’t go wrong!

The Reality:

You may get some awkward stares or a sassy comment (or 5…) if you just feel like wearing rain boots for the heck of it. Literally, I wore my rain boots to work the other day and a student stopped me in the hall and said, “You know it isn’t raining, right?!” But that won’t matter because, like me, you are a badass boss warrior and you don’t really care what others think.

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