3 Things To Do As Soon As You THINK You Are Getting Sick

Photo by  Hush Naidoo  

Photo by Hush Naidoo 

As an educator and a single mom I look forward to any break I can get. So, with Thanksgiving break being a full week this year I was super excited to spend some much needed time with my threenager Peyton and just exist without boundaries. My plans all came to a halting stop when the Friday before the break started. My mini me woke me up with a pouty face and a temperature of 104 degrees. Of course, I go into panic mom mode, until I realize that a temperature is just the body’s way of fighting back on viruses that are attacking the immune system and that as long as I monitored her, it was going to be okay. But then my mind starts to wander into ways to avoid getting myself sick in the process of caring for her? I didn’t want to spend the entire break alternating germs so I put a plan into action and guess what? It worked because we had an amazing break together. What did I do?

Apple Cider Vinegar To The Rescue

Photo by Alexander Mills

Photo by Alexander Mills

I am unsure if it was in my head or not, but immediately I started to feel some throat pains, and because I got the flu and strep twice last year I just knew that was beginning to take over our household. Daily I consume a shot glass of ACV in the morning as soon as I wake up, but as soon as I start to THINK there is a chance I may get sick I double the dose taking one before bed and another as soon as I wake up. According to Prevention.com, drinking a tablespoon or two of ACV at the first onset of a cold or the flu—or when someone close to you has it — will help prevent the full on bout of sickness. This works because apple cider vinegar, as acidic as it tastes, actually helps to alkalize your body. When your body is more alkaline it may be more effective at fighting off viruses that cause colds and the flu. So adding the vinegar to your routine can help. If drinking ACV straight up is too much for you, dilute it with a bit of warm water, or hot tea, apple slices, and some maple syrup. You can also add it to salad dressings.

Get Some Rest

Photo by  David Mao  

Photo by David Mao 

I am naturally an introvert and love being at home more than most people realize but even when indoors I am normally running around like a chicken with my head cut off. You remember when I told you that a fever is your body’s way of communicating that it is working to fight off infection? Well, if you sit your butt down and let your body do its job without interference then you can stop the sickness before it starts by just being STILL.

The OILS are Essential

Photo by  Kelly Sikkema  

Photo by Kelly Sikkema 

When you walk into my home or my classroom you are greeted with a hug (if that is your thing, I have recently become a big fan of human contact in the form of hugs) and my favorite essential oil blend. Essential oils are amazing not only because they provide an amazing scent that can brighten up your mood on contact but most importantly depending on your symptoms or need can act as a natural remedy to cure most ailments. As it relates to cold and flu season keeping thieves (Clove, Lemon, Rosemary, Cinnamon and Eucalyptus ) in rotation is always a good move because it provides you with amazing benefits like supporting healthy immune functions. Just putting 10 drops in your diffuser can clean the air around you. I also put a couple of drops in a spray bottle full of water to clean most surfaces after either Peyton or I have symptoms of any type of illness.

The whole goal is preventing sickness at all costs. I am sure that no one wants to spend their day feeling bad and would avoid it if possible. What are some ways that you guys fight germs in your household?

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