How to Enhance Natural Beauty with Ayurvedic Rituals

How to Enhance Natural Beauty with Ayurvedic Rituals.jpg

Beauty is something we all dream about. The images of plush skin, glossy hair, delicately soft hands, and velvety smoothness of unblemished skin are in every woman’s mind when she thinks about that natural allure, that radiance that seems to come within. In India, Ayurvedic medicine seems to claim just that – that all health, and all our magnificent beauty, comes from the inside. Over 5000 years old, Ayurveda doesn’t focus just on finding a cure – at its heart, ever since it came to be, the key was prevention itself. To restore the natural balance, to align our body, mind, and spirit before disease even comes knocking on our door.

When an Ayurvedic practitioner does prescribe a cure for something, it’s always a very personal experience. After all, we are all very different – our habits, our constitution, our approach to life are unique, and as such, they must be taken into consideration when a body is ailing and in need of help.

Are you wondering how can you incorporate Ayurvedic practices into your everyday routine? Well, that’s why we’re here.

Wakefulness and morning nourishment

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Ayurveda is being about at peace with yourself, and about listening to the nature and all that it has to offer. Sleep is a very important part of this, and going to bed late every night and frantically jumping up when the alarm clock rings is not the best approach. A restful night is a good night, and instead of panic and stress that usually follow the waking, try taking a few moments to breathe deeply and centre yourself. Think about the things you are grateful for, and what’s the best way you can use this day to its full potential.

Next comes the breakfast, and you should take your time with it. Chew slowly, enjoy the actual taste of food instead of just gulping it down in a rush. Prepare nutritious meals that will help you feel energized.



Also known as abhyanga, this is an easy part to incorporate into your beauty ritual. In the evening, take a nourishing oil (like almond or coconut) and massage it into your arms and legs, your back and your neck. Use slow, circular motions with your palms. This massage stimulates circulation, and it’s particularly good for achy joints or muscle pain (not to mention that it leaves your skin so wonderfully soft and glowy).

Adjust your skincare

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Ayurveda recognizes three basic skin types: Pitta, Vata, and Kapha which are based on three doshas. How you take care of your skin depends on its type, your lifestyle, and the general skin problems you experience.

Vata skin, for example, will need to avoid harsh cleansers and soaps because it often has trouble retaining moisture, and it can easily dry out. Skin oils, serums, and rich moisturizers are the key. Pitta skin is sensitive, and sunscreen is the most important thing to bear in mind, as well as avoiding alcohol-based products, or anything that has “perfume” or “fragrance” among the list of ingredients. Kapha skin will need deep cleaning, but you don’t need harsh chemicals. Instead, rely on oil cleansing methods paired with gentle syndets and cleansers.

Healthy digestion

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Healthy digestion means less stomach-related issues, but it also means smooth, blemish-free skin. To aid your liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system, try detox tea and sip it every day, or at least drink simple lemon water with a few drops of aloe vera in it. To protect your intestine lining and stomach from harm, you want to focus on the prevention part of the Ayurvedic philosophy. You will need to consume plenty of antioxidants, which are generally the best way to prevent free radical damage and inflammation, and you can get this through food like acai berries, dark chocolate, kidney beans, artichoke, blueberries, nuts, green veggies, and others.

The healing power of Ayurveda isn’t a quick fix. It demands that you put your health first and treat your mind and body with gentle care. While this may be a huge step to take, especially in this busy world that leaves us with little time for self-care, the benefits are immense.

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