Going Places with Bartaile

I have never been a purse girl. To me they lack a real function and most are too small and just act as a space for me to store more junk with no real purpose. This year has brought me into a space where I am seeking to rid myself of mess, in all forms and aspects. Not so much a minimalist but, heading in the direction that focuses more on planning, purpose, and peace.

So, you can only imagine my excitement when I was presented with the opportunity to experience all things Bartaile. They are a company that prides themselves in girl power and creating super dope bags and a lifestyle brand for people that are going places (check out the #GoingPlaces section via their site to get a better look at the 25 millennial women they have featured and how they incorporate Bartaile into their daily life) and, I mean that both figuratively and literally. But, I think that these bags are/can be tailored for women at any phase in their life.

You see, I wear many hats. I am a full time educator, blogger, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, and mom to the most amazingly active two-year old and I have found purpose in my C12 bag in each of those distinct aspects of my life. I officially have retired the diaper bag because of the many perks associated with the C12 bag by Bartaile.


I live by the motto “everything has it’s place” and I may or may not have a tidge of OCD. The C12 bag by Bartaile was love at first sight because it came in my absolute favorite color, heather gray, and more importantly it has pockets, nooks, crannies, and a little something for everything that I deem “essential” in my daily travels. A pocket for your laptop, microsuede lined pocket for your glasses, key ring, charger pocket, phone pocket, and a little extra something for the things you hold close to your heart.


The C12 can be worn as a backpack(my go-to approach), messenger bag,or a tote, so ultimately it transitions with you to whatever adventures the day may bring. The straps are detachable which allows for a smooth and easy transition. So, whether it’s a stroll through the hallways of the high school I teach at, a mommy and mini date at the park or a business meeting to discuss FitXBrit, this bag has me covered. With the many hats that I wear I am glad that Bartaile has me covered with a one-stop shop for keeping myself organized.


I am a believer that when you look good, you feel good and that goodness radiates and others can feel the positive energy that you bring. I use my bag daily and I feel like I have it all together when I walk into any room rocking my C12. Maybe it’s the 100% genuine Nappa leather handles, straps and trims, or the water resistant light weight durability that makes me feel all kinds of awesomeness. Who am I to question it? All I know is that I have seen the light and I am never looking back! I have no desire to be a “purse” girl, I’ll just stick to rocking high quality, bags with a purpose.

Check out Bartaile and the many options that they have in terms of the styling of the C12 bag and invest in your own. I can promise you it will be worth it!

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Please Note: This post is Sponsored by Bartaile. All comments about this product are my own and I have and will always remain transparent about my opinions. I will not endorse any products that I would not and do not use in my own daily routine. 

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