It's Tea Time

For personal reasons I made the decision to take a break from caffeine but I just can’t start or end my day without a warm beverage of some kind. Even in the warm weather, it’s just part of my routine. The transition was made a heck of alot easier when I shifted my focus to herbal teas. Finding a blend of herbs, flowers, and spices that do not contain caffeine, pair well together, and can give you some health boost all at the same time isn’t really as hard as I expected it to be.

A small amount of caffeine a day has been noted to be beneficial to your health, but still there are some people who choose to eliminate it from their diets or who have been advised let it go for health reasons. Caffeine is a stimulant, that is just a fact and too much of it can cause shakes or jitters, irregular heartbeat, anxiety and adrenal fatigue. Plus, if you love a nice cup of tea before bed, who wants to take the risk of having issues getting that good sleep because you had caffeine too late?

Benefits of Herbal Teas (With or Without Caffeine)

Herbal teas are known for fighting illnesses and have been said to prevent degenerative disease depending on the specific herbs, flowers, or spices present in each particular tea, Antioxidants are a benefit of most herbs, and all have some kind of medicinal benefit. For example, Chamomile is mostly known to aid in the calming the nerves and ginger helps with digestion. Certain herbs are known for their ability to improve mood in the short term and, with regular consumption, can have some pretty dope long term benefits.

A Few Of My Faves

Without saying, I am sure those of you that have been following the blog for awhile now know that ginger and chamomile are my top faves, but today I wanted to shed light on a couple of other good ones!

Rooibos Tea is a new top pick in my household, it is super photo-worthy due to the pretty color but it is also jam packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can really help you to relax, get a really good deep sleep, and can help you with any tummy problems you may be experiencing.


Hibiscus tea is more tart than the other teas I have tried but is full specifically of vitamin C and has components that can really help lower blood pressure and can help with maintaining your weight.

In terms of brands I am a sucker for YOGI TEA! Why? Because I am in love with the little sayings that are put on each individual bag, most of the times they are super relevant and are a cute added bonus. The tea is good too! LOL. Bigelow Tea is always a go-to because it was the tea that I grew up with in my household. Very inexpensive but still packs a very strong flavor that will make an impact in your day.

What are some of your favorite brands and flavors of tea? Is tea a part of your daily routine?

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