So, You Were "Empowered"? But, Did You Grow?


There are so many empowerment events popping up around the nation asking for you to invest your coins for an afternoon of growth, that will surely motivate you, and move you to search for a way to leave your mark on the world. Most of these events seem to be geared towards entrepreneurs which in turn has led to many people demanding to be their own boss. A culture of folks that are being shamed for having a 9-5, all the while boss babes are not divulging all of their “truth.”

Are you living at home with your parents, living off student loans, married to someone who makes enough money for you to afford the boss babe lifestyle? Yes, there are women out there doing it all on their own and are super successful while doing it. But, to charge women upwards of $75 for an afternoon of “empowerment,” where they leave with a high that will last for a couple of days but no real tools or next steps to make their boss dreams come true doesn’t sit well with me. I mean, I know we all have bills to pay, and from a business sense there is a need to capitalize off this self-care wave, but I feel that there is a better way to go about it.

This is why I am grateful for the Affirmation Summit and their newest mini venture, Affirm-On the Go, which is a condensed version of the annual event that had upwards of 200 women finally getting to a place of healing. HoneyBeNatural hosted the first Affirmation Summit which is a self-love & body positive gathering aiming to provide women with tools to boost their self-worth, confidence, and aid in stress management. This summit incorporated natural & holistic themes and encouraged women to be authentically themselves. It featured a sunrise Yoga Session sponsored by Honey Baby Naturals and led by Bre Scullark; 4 hands-on and movement workshops + the empowerment lounge that featured some of Dallas’ select motivational speakers & artists. The entire day was amazing, and not only did I leave inspired to grow but with tangible tools and experiences that have led me to my most successful quarter of the year; Q4 was so good to me y'all. And not because I got everything I wanted but mostly because I am learning and mastering how to effectively deal with life when it doesn’t go my way using the tools from the Affirmation Summit.

The mastermind behind this new movement in Dallas (and soon to be nationwide, but you didn’t hear that from me) I’sha Gaines took it a step further and is committing to do check in’s bimonthly through her Affirm on The Go events hosted at her event space Urban Hippie. These mini-summits include hands-on workshops, speakers, some form of a therapeutic session and just a circle of genuine women who are inspired to grow and heal. The first was titled Ratchet + Worthy and accompanied the release of Honey Be Naturals Ratchet + Worthy Affirmation Workbook; which has blown my mind and held me accountable in so many ways.


All Images Robin Lindsey

Now, I am going to share a secret with you guys, and you have heard it here first. The next “Affirm on the Go” is scheduled for January 25, 2019, at Our Urban Hippie from 10-2 and is centered around the theme Beautiful Thoughts+Art Therapy. What a great way to usher in our intentions for 2019. You coming?