The Beauty in Less: Triple S Ranch


Triple S Ranch is located in Napa Valley (Calistoga), California. To arrive at Triple S Ranch, you have to be prepared for the unknown. After a beautiful hour drive from San Francisco to Napa Valley the gps directed us to a circular route on a thin road that seemed to never end. After fear and frustration, the beauty also known as Triple S Ranch appeared. The open acreage, beauty vintage cottages and still silence was a living vision of heaven. I was instantly reaffirmed that there is always beauty behind discomfort.


Triple S Ranch consist of 12 acres of a gently westerly sloping high plateau.  The beauty connected is nothing short of perfection. When entering my cottage, I was overwhelmed with the attention to detail and beauty. My cottage backyard resembled that of a postcard; the fresh smell of pine, endless trees and soft sounds of nature. Triple S Ranch did an amazing job of giving an international experience locally, several times throughout our experience I forgot I was still in the United States. Once we were settled in our individual cottages the five of us met at the Merlot cottage and we reflected on the beauty associated amongst us, the vibes of the cottage allowed for us to spend time in transparency and vulnerability until the wee hours of the morning followed by quiet morning talks, and patio mediation.

While on a tour with Derek the owner we discovered that Triple S Ranch is an ever-evolving creation, Derek is intentional about creating a place that is unlike any other. The goal of a Triple S Ranch experience is to tap into your authentic self. The Ranch is composed of The Great Victorian, A Restaurant/Barn and 10 cottages/bungalows. Each cottage is named after a wine selection and the intricate aesthetic detail is like no other. Derek shared that he is a collector of all things beautiful, beautiful in appearance and in experience. Derek travels the world looking for functional art that speaks to the vision of Triple S Ranch; what others may see as trash or without value Derek sees with a new lens.

After the tour I was reflective on what parts of my life need to be repurposed or renewed to offer a fresh perspective? What areas in my life have allowed time to devalue it? My challenge for you today as we prepare to finish strong and prepare for the new year is to take a self-inventory. Determine where you are dead and submit to coming alive.

All Images I’sha Gaines Photography for FitXBrit

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