Lets Create A Smooth(ie) Transition

Image Juan Carlos of  52nd Witness

Image Juan Carlos of 52nd Witness


The holiday season can really do some damage and after all of the sweet drinks and treats you can be left feeling bloated, tired, moody, and mad at the world for absolutely no reason. We all know that a new year sends tons of people in a whirlwind wanting to lose weight or just be a better person when it comes to their health and overall nutrition. The key is to be prepared-so, with that being said I have been prepping some smoothie recipes to get you guys all set up. But, unlike other smoothie recipes I have shared this one will include some new ingredients to put a creative spin on how you view smoothies. 


2018 for me was all about the avocado in the smoothie for no other reason than I like the consistency that it created and the added health benefits. 2019 is all about the fruit hummus - Lantana Fruit Hummus  to be specific. Hummus is the perfect addition to any smoothie because it has three distinct properties that are essential to a healthy diet:

  • Fiber: It is packed with fiber, which makes you feel fuller longer. It also aids with digestion. 

  • Slow-Digesting Carbs: It has complex carbohydrates in it, meaning they digest slower than breads, and carbs that digest at a rapid rate. 

  • Protein: We all need protein in our diets, to stay fuller longer, and to keep our minds in tip top shape throughout the day. Lantana Fruit Hummus is a great source of protein, and will keep your running strong all day long.


Image Juan Carlos of  52nd Witness

Image Juan Carlos of 52nd Witness

Here is my favorite combination.

1 cup of chopped pineapple, frozen or fresh

3 tbsp of Lantana Mango Hummus

1 Original Blender Bomb

A handful of kale

Pineapple or Lime Vita Coco Coconut Water

Directions: Dump all ingredients in your blender and blend

Whatever your favorite smoothie recipe is I suggest you try to add a couple of tbsp of Lantana Fruit Hummus and make sure you come back share your favorite combinations because we are all just out here trying to win! Right?


Please Note: The products mentioned in this post was provided by Lantana Foods.. This post is sponsored. All comments about theis product are my own and I have and will always remain transparent about my opinions. I will not endorse any products that I would not use on my healthy living lifestyle journey. 

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