There is More to Bishop Arts Than Brunch

Anyone that knows me knows that I am terribly scared of commitment.  I just am.  I wish I had a long back story where I could explain exactly what, why, when, and how it happened but I can’t. It is just something that I know and recognize about myself and am working on daily. My fear has worked to my benefit in some areas. I mean, how else would I be able to bring you all things Dallas fitness related if I just stuck to one thing?! Welp, I am going to have to figure out a way to do both because I think I may have found a fitness match.

You may remember Core from the L.Y.F.E. series feature we did with owners Frank May and Anibal Cuevas.  Located in the heart of Oak Cliff, and just seconds away from Bishop Arts, you can find Core Fitness in a storefront on Jefferson Blvd. In a field dominated by boutique-style workouts it is hard to get noticed when the core of your brand is simply pouring your expertise into whoever walks through your door and, by any means necessary, making sure that they leave more knowledgeable and sweatier than when they entered. But, that is exactly what you will get from the community of members and trainers at Core Fitness.  

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If group fitness is more of your thing, they have you covered in that lane too. Registration opened this week for a boot camp they are hosting. Check out Martha Nicol on November 2nd as she hosts "CAMP GLUTIATOR."  You can sign-up today at 508A W. Jefferson blvd Dallas TX to reserve your spot or email for more information.  There are limited spots available so, be sure to get moving!

Oh, you thought I was done? I’m not. I can’t leave without emphasizing just how much this facility is a triple threat. Not only are they providing you with a workout that helps to achieve greatness and trainers that will feed your mind, body and soul, BUT they also have Core Meals. Now, even the self-proclaimed meal prep Queen (that’s me guys!) doesn’t feel like prepping EVERY week and it is good to know that I can order a week’s worth of meals from Core Meals and still stay within my goals for a reasonable price. They offer a variety of options weekly and you can pick up a couple of meals or bundle up and dominate your Monday-Friday.

I rock with Core Fitness and I think you should to. Get Connected.

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