Trying Something New: Body Bar Southlake

Summer break for an educator really isn’t summer break. We still have trainings on top of trainings to attend and preparation for the upcoming school year has to start somewhere. So, imagine my excitement when I was presented with the opportunity to try Body Bar Studios in Southlake.  I am always open to trying anything new and am always up for an adventure so, off to Southlake I went.

The Body Bar brings you a combination of pilates and barre while really pushing each of their clients to find balance both mentally and physically as you tap into your inner athlete. Believe me, one way or another you will find that inner athlete. Each class is focused on high intensity training and will challenge you to reach new heights in your fitness journey.

They have nine different class offerings.  I had the opportunity to try ‘Reformer’ and ‘Reformer Jump’.  Reformer Jump was so much fun that I took it twice and, no - the traditional reformer class has nothing on this!  Body Bar also offers you a mixture of cardio, pilates and strength training all while on an Allegro 2 Reformer. The best part about this 50-minute class is that the instructors are super patient and are genuinely invested in ensuring that your form a mindset that allows you to maximize the experience. Every student is encouraged to ask questions and there are modifications for every strength level so that you are challenged at the level best for YOU. Reformer Jump is just as fun as it sounds! I mean, if all else fails the sensation you get from jumping while attempting these moves is on a whole other level! This is a full dose of cardio with a huge reduction in the impact.  Don’t sleep though - this will tone and strengthen those legs and thighs. Seriously.  My legs felt like spaghetti for 3 days after taking this class, both times. But, you know when something hurts so good? That would be how I would describe this.

There is a studio that is closer to me but the experiences that I had with Jasmine and Chardae in Southlake is enough to keep me coming back despite the drive. While some instructors hope you get it without taking the time to give you one-on-one attention (I mean, they only have 50 minutes), in my 3 experiences, I left feeling like the growth was evident.

I’ll be back and I want you guys to commit to trying out Body Bar Studios for yourself.  Deal? To help, I am giving you guys a code good for one one complimentary visit to help you get your feet wet. Are you guys familiar with pilates and using the reformer?

USE CODE: SOUTHLAKE by September 1, 2016 ( New Clients ONLY)

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Please Note:  This post is sponsored. All comments about this facility are my own and I have and will always remain transparent about my opinions. I will not endorse any facility that I would not attend on my healthy living lifestyle journey.