#FitChicks: Thanksgiving Edition 2016

The holiday season is full of joy, fun, and family but it can also be pretty stressful as we are often at times focusing on the appearance of the holiday versus living in the moment and creating memories. We blame social media, but we also have to hold ourselves accountable too.

When people get stressed, they eat. When people get super happy, they eat. When people come together in groups, they eat. You get the picture. Last year we hipped you to some pretty awesome alternatives to “Health Up Your Holidays” and we wouldn’t leave you hanging this year!  We searched the e-pages of some of our favorite food bloggers for some amazing dishes that would pair perfectly with traditional Thanksgiving treats! We promise your family will not even notice the difference and you’ll be saving them from gaining a couple of pounds this holiday season!

Spiced Orange Cranberry Sauce from In Sonnet’s Kitchen

Let’s say “NO” to processed cranberry sauce this year and make our own! This recipe features fresh cranberry with a kick offered by the citrus flavoring of oranges. Not only that but, it is less than 5 ingredients and sounds super easy to make!

Image via Food.com   

Image via Food.com


Sweet Potato Cornbread from Justine Simmons

We are always a little weary of trying “celebrity” recipes but ,while watching Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers searching for ways to spice up my meal prep game, I fell in love with the ingredients for this cornbread that looked pretty much like something my grandma would make. By using sweet potatoes as opposed to cornmeal, this “healthier” version is sure to make a big impact.

Image via Well Plated by Erin

Image via Well Plated by Erin

Peach Crisp from Well Plated by Erin

We know, we know! Sweet potato and pumpkin pie are all the rage during the holiday season BUT we already gave you a recipe for a cleaner version of that last year that was all kinds of yummy! Options are important and we are all about peach cobbler - no matter the season. My Dad’s cobblers are legendary and I love them but, this year, why not bring something else to the table that just may pack the same punch?  A lot of the recipes we found were all about cutting the crust and focusing on the peaches.  We love crust over here so, when we found this version that doesn’t make us give up what we consider the best part of any cobbler creation we jumped for joy!

Make sure you check out last year’s options so that you can have even more choices for your “healthier” Thanksgiving feast! Preparation is key, so plan to not let the holiday season get the best of you!



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