#FitChicks: Get Bossy with Siobhan Sudberry

Image Siobhan Sudberry

Image Siobhan Sudberry

Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.
— Habakkuk 2:2

Elevating your mind is definitely a focus of ours this season and the best part is that we have come to the realization that you just can’t talk a good game, you have to really be willing to DO THE WORK! With that said, we are constantly on the lookout for methods and dope peeps that are willing to share their techniques that can help us conquer those mind monsters. (insert our December Boss Chick)

Meet Siobhan Sudberry, who is the mastermind behind the Be Free Project . She's a strong believer in the idea that in order to change your life you first need to change the way you think - and we couldn’t agree with her more.

So, get comfortable and take a few minutes to see why our December Boss Chick inspires us in the bossiest way possible.

* She Genuinely Wants You To Be Great!

It isn’t often that you find people that genuinely want to invest in you, people that want to see you reach your full potential, and are patient enough to work with you until you achieve your goal. We have been following Siobhan via Instagram for a while now and the the thing that sticks out the most is her interactions with her followers. It isn’t all about the numbers for her and that is something that sometimes gets lost in this social media game. She interacts with her followers, invests in her followers, and we think that is pretty dope.

* Soul Searching is The Name of The Game!

It was this concept that got Siobhan where she is today. She is very transparent about a layoff from her last job which allowed her to have the time to free her mind, seek mental clarity, and discover who she was, which led to the creation of the Be Free Project.

She is all about ACTION!

We have read endless “self-help” books and walked away feeling motivated and inspired. That lasts all of 3-5 days because without having something tangible to walk away with it is a heck of alot easier to find yourself back at square one. The Be Free Project is about workshops, workbooks, journaling and walking away with tangibles that you can apply in your everyday life in order to fully take advantage. That is, if you are ready.

Make sure you support Siobhan and her vision by sewing a seed with a visit to her website, a follow on Instagram, signing up for her mailing list, or making a purchase.


Because we are all about getting connected with amazing, like - minded individuals drop us the links and names of some women who truly inspire you! Until next month!


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