#FitChicks: Get Bossy With Nini Gueco

As we continue showcasing some of our favorite sneaks, workouts, meal plans, and all things designed to bring about your best self, we decided that once a month we’ll give special attention to a lady in this space that brings more than just fitness.  We’re interested in helping you meet the women who inspire us in the BOSSiest way possible.  After meeting one of New York’s top Yoga instructors in February, we’re taking it cross country for a little Boss Chick action.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Nini Gueco owns and operates Avant-Barre,a ballet-based fitness class that combines circuit training, intense full-range movements, dynamic exercise combinations, stability tests, deep stretching, and heart-pumping cardio with inventive choreography and a playlist that will shake your moneymaker.   

1. Nini Knows What She's Talking About...Really. 

Before she was creating barre workouts, this Bay native was a real life ballerina.  Nini was a dancer for Westlake School for the Performing Arts where she studied many forms of movement, including ballet and modern dance, under Executive Director, Malu Rivera-Peoples. She also toured internationally with Likha Pilipino Folk Ensemble, utilizing her ballet training to distinguish herself as one of Likha’s premier soloists.  With over 20 years of dance experience, it’s safe to say Nini knows her stuff.

2. She Found a Way to Make Something Better And WENT FOR IT.

Nini Gueco didn’t discover barre-based exercises, but she found a way to make it better.  That, my friends, is Boss Chick 101. After years of practicing the same moves, Nini was eager to bridge the gap between the original principles of barre exercises with proper dance technique and exercise science. Nini identified ways to increase the positive results of her beloved barre exercise while also making the classes more fun, challenging, addictive, and effective. Her goal for every class? Let the beat of the music inspire your moves.

3.    Avant-Barre is Spreading The Girl Power.

Avant-Barre is a staple in the Golden State community because they provide fun and high-quality classes that truly help clients reach their fitness goals, but Nini doesn’t do it alone.  She’s surrounded her brand with a talented team of eight #badassballerinas that are working to push Avant-Barre to the next level. It doesn’t stop there either.  The Avant-Barre team is constantly spreading the #Chickspiration through motivating posts and words of wisdom.  We’re so here for it!

How awesome is the work Nini Gueco is doing!?  We’re so happy to have her as our March Boss Chick!

To keep up with Nini and Avant-Barre, check the links below!

Web: www.avant-barre.com

Facebook: AvantBarre

Twitter: AvantBarre

Instagram: @ninigueco