#FitChicks: Get Bossy With Faith Hunter

When we think about being a “boss”, some of the first things we readily associate with the term are someone who is strong, someone who is capable and someone who is a leader.  For us, though, we also tend to think of the ‘boss’ as someone who inspires.  Inspiration is one thing that any true leader generates in spades. Faith Hunter is a boss.

Faith is a New York based international yoga instructor whose roots stem from the south - she was raised in Louisiana.  Her love for yoga and meditation started in the early 90’s when she decided to use these practices as a way to cope after the loss of her brother Michael, who passed away due to complications from AIDS.

"From that moment until now, yoga offers me freedom, balance, and connection to spirit...It keeps me grounded and rooted to the true essence of who I am." - Faith Hunter in an interview with Gaiam TV.  

As we continue showcasing some of our favorite sneaks, workouts, meal plans, and all things designed to bring about your best self, we decided that once a month we’ll give special attention to a lady in this space that brings more than just fitness.  We’re interested in helping you meet the women who inspire us in the BOSSiest way possible.

So, how exactly does Faith exude inspiration? Take a look below at three reasons this southern gal is our first boss chick.

1. Faith is all about giving back and creating avenues for growth for other aspiring yoga instructors.

Often times people make a name for themselves and are hesitant to help those they may view as competition. We believe if you are confident in your skill set and what you bring to the table, this isn’t even an issue. There’s enough room for everyone to be great!  Faith is always super open to share  explore, and learn while offering her talents as a mentor to yoga practitioners regardless of their skill level.

2. Faith is a Business, Man.

Faith is the creator of Spiritually Fly™ which encompasses the practice of yoga, specifically chanting, and music, movement and breath from a modern perspective.  This in an effort to encourage students to “embrace their unique flow in life – on and off the mat.” She offers online classes on meditation and yoga practices as well as retreats.

3. She Chills at the White House, NBD.

Yea...it’s definetly a big deal. Faith, as an expert in her field, is a seasoned vet on Pennslyvania Ave., having taught yoga at the White House Easter Egg Roll as well as the the great lawn.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sharing all of the awesomeness that is Faith Hunter! So there should be no question why she is Febuary’s Fit Chick’s Boss Lady ( or whatever  we are calling this)

Be sure to keep updated with all things Faith!

Website: www.faithhunter.com

Facebook: Faith Hunter Yoga

Twitter: @faithhunteryoga

Instagram: spirituallyfly

Are you a Boss Chick? Share your business with us and help us spread the love!

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