Fit Chicks: 4 YouTube #FitChicks You Should Know


Would you believe us if we told you that neither one of us have a gym membership?! Welp - we don’t. When you are trying to build a brand, raise a child, or even just trying to be a better steward over your finances, you have to evaluate what items can be cut from the budget. For these two #FitChicks the gym just didn’t make the cut. Because of this, our focus is on self- motivation and discipline to get the job done and, luckily, with the help of free FITspiration we are pretty much dominating the game!

Youtube offers so many free fitness related channels that are perfect for home workouts and can kickstart your fitness regimen without putting a dent in your pocket. And, let’s face it, with the pressures of everyday life, sometimes an at home (or wherever you may be) workout is the only way to get it done.   So, we’ve come up with 4 of our favorite youtube channels from a few chicks that know to get results. You’re welcome.

1. Be Fit

This channel showcases a variety of trainers so that you are always getting a different style of workout. This helps to reduce the chances of burned out. The best part is that they are geared towards and divided by your personal goals whether that be to slim down, burn fat or simply tone up.

2. Tara Stiles:

Tara is such an inspiration! Tara started her career as a model and is the creator of Reebok Yoga which launched in 2012. Her chanel is great for anyone interested in yoga regardless of what level you may be at.  And even has some pretty dope routines you can do from the comfort of your comforter (i.e. your bed - fave place hands down) - see what we did there?!

3. Carly Rowena:

We love workout channels that actually keep it real.  Carly Rowena is one of our faves because she meets us where we are and keeps it 100.  Is there a secret workout you can do everyday to lose the weight fast? Nah, but Carly offers tips on “How To Create Your Own Workout Plan.”  She even reminds us all that not all gym attire is gym appropriate (“What Not to Wear To The Gym” = pure entertainment), and the gym routines will pretty much ensure that you don’t have to spend your money on one of those pricy trainers.  We love you long time, Carly.

4.  Cassey Ho:

Most Pilates classes will run you a pretty penny each session, but LA certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho brings you the same tough workouts through her fun YouTube channel. Ho founded POP Pilates, which she teaches at Equinox in West LA, but you can get the same core-strengthening, muscle-toning results by watching her videos in the comfort of your home. Check out her Beginner Workout series, which focuses primarily on form so you can perfect the basics before moving on to her more advanced series.

Hopefully you will give some of these channels a try and reap all of the amazing  benefits. If you are already hip to the youtube fitness game please share with us some of your favorite youtube channels below? We are always looking to add to our rotation! Happy #FitChicksFriday y'all!

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