#FitChicks: 4 Product Picks You NEED On Your Next Trip

Last week, we had an opportunity to head to Los Angeles for a whole lot of work and just as much fun!  While I tackled Blogfest and IDEA World ,  Chan got the chance to get in a Closet session and some major work for CNK.  Ultimately, though, our downtime was spent together and WE HAD A BLAST!

From hiking the Griffith Park Trail (we totally went the wrong way, though LOL), grabbing a few meals in between moves, and sitting back to take in our entire experience, we enjoyed ourselves abundantly AND found some appreciation for a few items that got us through.  So, we thought YOU (and you, and you, and you) might enjoy a peek into our travel must haves this go around.

Take a look below. These four items were SO CLUTCH.


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31

Good shoes are always a must.  Comfort is paramount (which is why you can pretty much find us both in sneakers EVERY DAY) but, nobody likes to sacrifice too much in the style department.  The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31 is the perfect shoe to get you through both your vacay explorations AND your workouts.  Channing used hers as she jaunted around the city as well as on our hike up the steep hills of Griffith Park.  While the latter resulted in a bit of a dirty shoe (more about that later…) they were comfortable, versatile AND totally cute.  

Unfortunately, this pair of of the Air Zoom Pegasus 31 are currently sold out, but the Air Zoom Pegasus 32 is just as awesome. Shop a few of our favorites below.

Spi Belt

Have you ever been on a run or for a hike and have to leave your wallet in the car? What about the hassle of carrying your keys along? Well, since we were on vacation and without a vehicle, we totally needed a place to store our necessities (God forbid we lose that Airbnb key!) but we didn’t want to carry things on a hike.  Enter the Spi Belt.  You guys may remember when I talked about this earlier this month, right?

The Spit Belt offered convenience and a cute way to carry our phones, keys, cash, and cards while we were on the go all around L.A.  If you’re digging it, click here to shop and be sure to use the code Brittany2016 to get a free goody bag with your purchase!

Jason Markk Travel Quick Wipes

Remember that hike from earlier? Well, it didn’t exactly leave our shoes looking their best.  Luckily, we had Jason Markk Travel Quick Wipes on hand to clean away the grime. Each wipe contains a dual pad for optimum clean.  Those Nike midsoles were back to fresh after a quick scrub.

If you’re looking for a deeper clean, check out a few additional items to get your sneaks back to box fresh!

Image Citation:    OrganicRunnerMom     

Image Citation: OrganicRunnerMom


Truitt Farms TruFlavors Hummus x Sea Salt Crackers


When you’re on the run, you don’t really have time to sit down and nosh. That’s why on-the-run snacks you can throw in a purse or a carry on are the perfect travel companion.  I had the awesome opportunity to meet with TONS of brands at Blogfest and even nabbed a few samples of some AMAZING to-go Hummus x Sea Salt Crackers by California-based brand Truitt Farms.  

The olive oil and sea salt flavor was delicious and it was such a light and healthy snack!  If you’d like to try (or get a dose of all of their flavors) you can grab your own box by clicking the Amazon link below.  Travel snacks, FTW!

Are there any travel essentials you MUST have for your getaways? Let us know in the comments below.

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