#FitChicks: Sisterhood For Your Soul With Called Women's Co.

Have you ever just felt soul full?  Not soulful, but SOUL FULL - as in, feeling a fullness in your spirit.  Last week, we were both invited to appear as panelists at an event in Dallas, Texas hosted by Called Women’s Co.  This Saturday evening fete was all about honest conversation and embracing the idea of collaboration all ‘for the sake of sisterhood.’

Chan and I were pretty honored to appear alongside three other amazingly talented women namely, millennial mentor Sasha White, Turning Paiges CEO Tristen Paige, and Woman of Purpose founder Jessica Chinyelu.  And, while we were there to openly share our knowledge (and our struggles) as individuals and as business owners, it was our work with Fit Chicks that really seemed to be the calling card for our appearance.  For an in-depth conversation about sisterhood in collaboration, our teaming up for this series is a testament not only to the power of friendship but, is an example of women working together to share ideas and, ultimately, share in success.

After indulging in some amazing eats courtesy of Uncle Willies Pies, and brief panel introductions courtesy of emcee Isha Gaines of HoneyBeNatural, we got down to the nitty gritty.  Take a look below at three of our favorite moments from our Called Women’s Co. SOUL FULL experience.

Audience Participation = A+

While Called Women’s Co. founders Londi and Jennifer generally had questions poised to lead the discussion, the one thing we truly enjoyed most was the interaction from the ladies in attendance.  The room was packed with women who were not only attentive to our individual stories, but were more than willing to share their own and open the dialogue for honest conversation.

Founders Jennifer and Londi

Founders Jennifer and Londi

Honesty Hour

If smoke and mirrors is your thing, this wasn’t the event for you.  All of us have our individual hangups about everything from self-worth to Insta-highlight reel OCD, but the #ForTheSakeOfSisterhood chat was the ultimate safe place.  Panelists, attendees, and even the hosts got really HONEST about the things that aren’t so pretty.  Struggle, fear, apprehension, doubt, jealousy and more were all on the table for discussion.  

What’s Next? ...Seriously.

Toward the end of the evening, a question was posed that made many of us take a beat and really ponder.  “How can we engage in active sisterhood in a tangible way?”  Aside from all of the pleasantries and in-the-moment feel goods, the main thing we took away from this event is a call-to-action.  Staying in contact, extending prayers and services, supporting without agendas, and just simply making the effort to show up are all ways we can build and grow in sisterhood.

Needless to say, we had an amazing time and left feeling a joy and peace that we both carried through our week.  We’ll definitely be supporting Called Women’s Co. in their future events (including another meet-up this September) and we encourage you to do the same by visiting them online and via their Instagram.

What are some of your favorite ways to support other women daily? Let us know in the comments below!

XOXO~ Brit & Chan

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