#FitChicks: Get Bossy with Claire Fountain

Our August Boss Chick is one that stands out, not only due to her unconventional approach to a traditional practice, but also because of her drive and determination to break stereotypes when it comes to the practice of yoga, music, and how we look at beauty and life in general. Ladies and gentleman, that is what we call Boss Chick Trill.

It is as much about the music you flow to, the style that you rock, and the artistic place you choose to practice in. It does not follow the rules; it makes them. Trill Yoga welcomes all, and is for anybody and ANY body.
— Claire Fountain

Let’s get down to the specifics and hip you guys to exactly why we rock with Claire and Trill Yoga. Shall we?

1. She is comfortable in her own skin and wants everyone to just stop with the obsessing.

We can’t agree more, just stop! You want to know a secret?  Losing weight will not guarantee a better you. In fact, no matter how many changes we make to our outer appearances, if we do not genuinely love ourselves, making those changes for superficial reasons is not going to cut it. It’s about being mindful of what you put in your temple in an effort to be healthy - not to fit into society’s standards of what beauty is. Love yourself. Encourage yourself. Surround yourself with those who think you are dope!

peep the @nikenyc snapchat for a recap of class today! #trillyoga

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2. She is a Yogi Goddess

The premise behind #TrillYoga is doing you in all senses of the phrase. Literally do yoga in a park, in a shop, in a chair, you guys can do yoga anywhere! You can wear anything and listen to whatever gets you to the place in your meditation journey where you achieve your version of zen, whatever that may look like. You know, just Live YOUR Fit. With so many other aspects of life constantly trying to put you in a box, we love that Trill Yoga does the exact opposite.  That, my friends, makes Claire a yogi goddess in our eyes.

long days that end with goodies at #BR99 | @BleacherReport x @Kith jersey for summer in the city | #trillyoga

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3. She is using her platform to promote all positive everything!

Often times people can allow their growth in popularity to shift their image, goals, and purpose. I mean, if Nike were cutting for me I would freakin go crazy with excitement and who knows what may ensue. But through time (well, as much as we can see via social media) Claire seems to be staying true to her vision, mission, and purpose.  People resonate with what’s real.  When you are true to yourself ,the right people will gravitate towards you and at that point, the sky is the limit.

Can’t wait to see what else is coming from Claire? Follow along with her journey via her platforms listed below for daily doses of #Chickspiration




xoxo Chan & Brit

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