#MomLife: Toddler Mealtime Essentials

We definitely had a fun time celebrating National Nutrition Month in a major way over here at FitXBrit last month , mostly with some pretty amazing recipes that are jam-packed with healthy benefits as well as big taste and the responses that you guys have been sharing has been great!

Sticking with the theme of nutrition and finding ways to make things more convenient, we are highlighting some of our favorite meal time accessories that are sure to keep your toddler interested in their meals and, because they are so cool, will allow you to sneak in all of the healthy and nutritious treats that they would otherwise probably fight you on. Believe me, I am speaking from experience!

Nuby Canteen

The Nuby Canteen is super cute because it looks just like mommy’s workout bottle which is allowing me to sneak in so much more water in Peyton’s diet. She is such a little sponge and is really eager to do the things that Mommy does. So, when I am getting my little infused water combinations ready for the day I can create the same thing for my mini and she loves the added bonus of clicking a button and a spout just popping up which makes it really easy for her to use. Definitely an A+ in my books!

Planet Box

I am a huge fan of the “Bento Box” themed lunch boxes because of the convenience it brings me in terms of portion control and the ease of use when trying to pack up meals for the day for Peyton (and myself, if I am being honest). It also challenges me to be more creative because I want her to have a new experience each day and not get bored with all of the health restrictions that tend to dominate our day. I love that with a switch of a couple of magnets your lunch box can have a whole different look and vibe. I am a huge fan of the different options they offer that make this lunch box attractive for grown ups too!

Nuby Booster Seat

I am a germaphobe so the fact that Nuby created a super mobile and cute booster seat that takes up minimal space, comes in an array of designs, and is super comfy (according to Peyton) makes me so happy. It attaches to any seat so that it can easily transition from the family dinner table to the car for a family outing. Super affordable and perfect for making mealtime manageable.

What are some of the things you look for when getting mealtime accessories for your kids? Functionality? Cost? Design?

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