I Want You To Flourish: Investing In a Better You

I Want You To Flourish: Investing In a Better You (Even if that means doing it without me)
Photographer Oscar Lozado of Dallas, Texas

Photographer Oscar Lozado of Dallas, Texas

Recently I had someone message me about a previous client.  They were inquiring as to why I was no longer creating her nutritional plans. I hadn’t even really thought about it, but when questioned I had to sit back and give the best response I had. “I believe I taught her how to take care of her own nutritional needs.”

While I am running a business and revenue is something that is essential to the growth of said business, I genuinely feel like what I am doing is more than that. My whole entire life I have known that my purpose is teaching.  That is all I have ever wanted to do and so, I took my talents to the classroom and have been an educator for the last 10 years. My new obsession (3 years and counting!) with health and fitness allows me to continue that same focus. So, while I continue to teach high school seniors, I now also get to teach my clients how to enjoy meals that they can grow with, while still getting results that will last beyond the seasonal goal of a "summer body" or a 10 pound cosmetic shift.

I am an instructor.  It’s my goal to help you become self-sufficient - just like with my students in the classroom.  When each client starts we set “goals” and once that goal is accomplished, if they feel that they have the hang of it, I am 100% ok with letting them run on their own. In fact, I am elated to see pictures via social media that show me that they are taking the seeds we planted and growing into a Rhododendron Tree (my favorite tree ever!) I am even more excited when I get update emails, testimonials and client referrals.

I say all of this to say that working with someone to improve your overall health is a task and if they aren’t teaching you how to be a better you, then you may want to look elsewhere.  In my opinion, anyone who isn’t teaching you to be self-sufficient is treating you like nothing more than a deposit in their account.  If you are ok with that, then it’s all good, but wouldn’t you rather work with someone who truly wants to invest in you? That’s something I have been considering lately when it comes to all relationships (romantic, professional, friendship, etc).

Have you ever been a situation where you have felt like you are nothing more than a payday to somebody? If so, make a change!

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