L.Y.F.E Gives You " Bandz" with WADESTRONG Fitness: Suspended Superman with Hip Extension

Did you know that body weight training has crazy benefits for your core?! This is bigger than just getting that six-pack to flaunt at the pool. Strengthening your core includes the “beefing up” process of at least 30 muscles! This is essential to reducing lower back pain and perfecting that posture. The increased stability and flexibility is just another added bonus to add to your list and, at this point, should have you thinking - why haven’t I been including body weight training to my exercise routine?!

So, if finding your zen with yoga is just something you can’t see yourself doing, these exercises that Ashley Wade of WadeStrong Fitness is bringing to the table should definitely be more of your cup of tea. Those Pistol Squats were a beast last week, but let’s take it up a notch as Ashley challenges us with the Suspended Superman with Hip Extension! You ready?!

Suspended Superman with Hip Extension: This exercise is great for building a stronger core. It also works the arms and glutes.

  • Start by facing away from the straps

  • Take a strap in each hand and extend the arms shoulder height.

  • Make sure the strap has no give in them

  • Engage your core muscles and slowly lean forward without rounding the back

  • At the same time, extend a leg back while keeping the knee straight, and the glutes engaged

  • Let the arms rise to ears as you extend the leg out to resemble super

  • Come back to your starting position and switch legs.

   Complete 20 Reps for 3 sets

What are some of your favorite body weight training moves? Have you tried any of these featured? If so, drop a comment and let us know how you felt afterwards! More importantly, I challenge you to give WadeStrong Fitness a try! Like seriously, time is of the essence! #SayNoToJiggleBellies



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