Rock Your Run

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The slogan for Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas this year was “Rock Your Run” and me and my crew known as Triple Threat set out to do just that. There is no better run than one that is hosted in your hometown. Although it’s very exciting to travel to different places to run it’s always a party on the pavement at home because you see a lot of familiar faces and it’s also a time to catch up and see what’s going on around town in the running community.

For the past several years R’n’R Dallas has offered a total run weekend called The Remix which includes a 5k (3.10 miles) on Saturday and the half marathon (13.1 miles) on Sunday. The 5K is held at the Fair Park grounds in the southern sector of Dallas. This is where it all begins, you enter the grounds and see running partners, running clubs, running couples, and running crews all in a hudle and some even dressed exactly alike (which is the normal for my crew) or color coordinated. You might even find some staple R’n’R runners like the barefoot Elvis, who literally dresses like Elvis and runs barefoot. After the race is over you can enjoy your complimentary Ultra Michelob Beer to help you hydrate (at least I consider this a form of hydration) for Sunday’s race.

It’s race day and I’m about to conquer 13.1 miles because I’m only half crazy, ( actually I’ve been full (26.2) crazy and even Dopey (48.6) crazy), but today I’ll settle for 13.1 miles. The race starts in downtown Dallas just adjacent of the Omni Hotel. This year I was impressed to see all of the running partners. If you’re not a runner you may not know the advantages of a good running partner. Keep a close eye on my instagram @ontherunwithkrista, and blog as I explore this idea of running partners. But for now let’s get back on the pavement for the R’n’R Dallas.

The course runs first through Deep Ellum and downtown Dallas before we run on the overpass to reach the Trinity Groves area, which brings us to about mile 7. Now you might have thought running on a freeway overpass was the challenge of the race but you would be WRONG. At mile 7 or 8, I’m not really sure because I’m delirious by the time I reach this point, but It’s at this point you begin to climb the monster hill of the course. This hill seems to go up and up and up, for about a mile. The cool thing this year on the hill was the cowbell crew that was encouraging the runners while climbing the hill. This course has been in place for the last 3 years and I would just like to say that I have yet to be successful at running up this hill completely.

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Once you leave the hill you run through the Bishop Arts District which is full of great little fun eateries and shops. I love this course for the variety of Dallas that it offers, and I must confess that after running this course each year my crew and I always run pass a spot that we want to patronize, this year the winner was Pier 247 because my girl LaRon loves crawfish. It was so important that we remembered where to find the live crawfish that she stepped off the pavement to take a photo, and yes we went to Pier 247 following the race.

image run rock roll

image run rock roll

Now with all of the great things that Rock’n’Roll offered from the Remix weekend (3 medals), the beautiful courses, the awesome bands and the amazing crowd support, I would have to say that I was disappointed in the Expo. The expo was lacking in the variety of vendors that are normally present. I use the expo to find about new products, and to purchase my usually products such as fuel, headbands, visors, socks, basically all things geared for running the upcoming races. Although, they offered a wide variety of Brooks products, and Rock’n’Roll gear, I still would like to see more of the other vendors.

So, if you live in the DFW area or you’re just looking for a great spot for a runcation, you should definitely put Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas on your run calendar for 2019. I hope to see you next year ready to “Rock Your Race”





P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.