My Journey to Healthy


Back in April before the Texas Big Star race, I redeveloped Achilles’ tendonitis during one of my morning runs. Actually, I really think I reinjured it after the run while doing a HILT workout with the girls during athletics. As a coach I have a motto that I never ask them to do anything that I can’t do or that I will at least attempt to do. This injury first occurred this past November before the Route 66 race in Oklahoma, which I must say is one of my favorite races. The strange thing about the injury is after I run for about 5 mins the pain ceases, but oh boy when I stop running I definitely feel the pain and I’m basically walking with a limp.

So what does a runner do when injury is present? Normally, continue to run (how crazy is that) but this time I decided to be responsible and not crazy. My first step was to reduce my Big Star race from the half to the 5k. After which I went into full recovery mode, first week NO Running, this was definitely a struggle. I spoke with the Athletic Trainer while working the area track meet and he basically said that I needed to stretch my calf which causing a pull on my Achilles, ice, rest and take something for the inflammation, which for me means turmeric because I’m more of a holistic person when it pertains to health and wellness.

First on the recovery list is to stretch, so off to yoga I go. I’ve been a member of Sunstone yoga for the past 8 years and I normally practice regularly but lately I have gotten away from my Sunday yoga routine. I head to a hot yoga class, and I can instantly feel a difference. Yoga not only allows me to stretch and strengthen my ankles and feet, but I’m also able to find balance while on the mat.

Over the past month I have made yoga a priority again with weekly classes that includes a hot flow class to challenge my strength and balance in a heated room; barre class which helps to define and elongate muscles and yoga core so that I can continue to develop strength and flexibility from my hips to my shoulders.


In addition to yoga I began to use my foam roller (which has been resting against the wall in my workout room collecting dust) and my worm (you remember this is the great tool that I found at the ZOOMA Austin race expo) to loosen my quads, hamstring, calves, feet and IT band. Foam rolling also helped me to release toxins and improve my circulation.


So after a week of no running, I begin the next week by only running on the treadmill and getting back in the gym for some strength training. Running on the treadmill can be really boring when you look out of the window and the weather is perfect for running, but I had to resist the actual pavement and complete my miles on the “dreadmill.” The benefit of running on the dreadmill during injury is the flat and forgiving surface.

Now it’s week 3 and I feel like I can hit the pavement at least twice a week. I call my morning running partner and off we go. Before the run I decided to try something I normally never do, a pre-run stretch. Although I did experience some pain during and after the run I can tell that I am on the road to recovery. After the run I stretched again and applied some ice to my achilles. I guess this is the new normal, pre and post stretching plus ice. Whatever it takes because not running is definitely not an option. On the days that I don’t run, I decided to go back to my spinning class which will help me with my endurance and continue to help me strengthen my achilles.

So, if you are injured don’t be that crazy runner so keeps running and never recovery. Listen to to your body and take some time to get healthy again. My journey to healthy is not over but I would have to say that I am working my way back.





P.S. Don’t forget to hashtag #ontherunwithkrista when you hit the pavement, I’ll be looking for you. See you on the pavement.