Are you under the health umbrella or do you suffer from Orthorexia?


As a person who is obsessed with all things healthy from fitness to nutrition and trying to live a more holistic lifestyle, I often beat myself up about the things that affect my body. Food is the most significant area of concern. Ten plus years ago after completing the Daniel Fast with my church Concord Dallas I decided to eliminate land animals and only consume fish and plant-based items. Why? I was hoping it would help me to reduce the excess fat around my midsection. I didn't accomplish that goal, but I did feel healthier, and my Texas allergies decreased.

You would think moving to a pescatarian lifestyle would be enough of a challenge, but the madness continued, and I eliminated more food items by following the eat for your blood type program ( I'm O positive) all under this umbrella of healthiest. My family and friends think I'm crazy at this point because all they hear is ” I don't eat that;” or ”that's not good for my blood type.”

The umbrella continues to widen because as of January my body has decided it doesn’t care to consume seafood so now I’m all plant-based. The health benefits are amazing; my skin is glowing, and I feel GREAT, but this lifestyle has its challenges. I often wonder if all the restrictions and food OCD-ism that I have developed could turn into a mild eating disorder or at the very least a love-hate relationship with food? I was right; a new eating disorder has been identified surrounding the aspects of obsession over restrictive diets ( Paleo, Whole 30 and the Keto or Ketoterian lifestyle).


Orthorexia is the name of the new eating disorder attached to restrictive diets. Orthorexia could lead to symptoms that are similar to Anorexia; bone loss, anemia, and slow heart rate. I would image that these symptoms would develop over time, not with just your average I need to loss xyz pounds.

So, what signs should I look for? Four signs that might raise a red flag are, turning down invites to eat out; spending too much time planning and preparing food; eating becoming more and more restrictive and stressing when eating does not go as planned. Let’s not confuse these signs with discipline and food planning, but let’s be realistic if it seems to consume us.


After seeing this information on my local morning news WFAA, I had to look at my choices and make sure I didn't have Orthorexia. I believe I'm still under the health umbrella, but it did make me open my eyes and become more aware because the goal of being physically healthy shouldn't diminish our emotional and mental health.

Are you under the health umbrella or do you suffer from Orthorexia?

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