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I have always been a person that didn’t quite understand the whole “protein powder” movement. My thoughts were always, “just eat more protein.” Simple, right? But, as life gets busier and goals remain constant, I now understand that sometimes it’s just more convenient to meet your protein goals for the day with a quick shake after a workout.

Of course, there are always skeptics (I used to be one, hello!) that think protein isn’t beneficial for anything other than building bulky body mass.  For me, I had to learn from experience that those preconceived notions are just not true. Protein is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle, but how much protein is good for you? A good rule of thumb is to have 1 gram of protein a day per pound of weight you carry. Since there are so many of us that have a problem getting in three basic meals a day, how can we meet that requirement?  

Look no further than BeFit! I had the opportunity to try out their products which included the Chocolate Whey Casein Protein, The Pre-Workout, a Fat Burner as well as a really intense 30-day BURN workout. The 30-day workout came right on time, since I had just cancelled my gym membership and have transitioned my 5 a.m. gym workouts to 5 a.m. sessions with my living room floor. The introduction video really got me pumped to start the process!  The Total Body Shred was by far my favorite and I found myself doing it even when it wasn’t on the calendar if I was incorporating a 2-a day workout into my agenda. As far as the supplements go, I think it would be best to give you guys an individual review of each product - here we go!

Chocolate Whey Casein Protein

I actually really liked this, more that I thought I would. It was very filling and I love that the website gives you recipes to add some pizzaz so you don’t get bored. I even did some experimenting of my own and created an amazing smoothie treat that tasted more like a hand crafted shake!

Energy Endurance Pre-Workout

So this was my only “ehh” moment when it comes to this brand. It definitely does what it is supposed to do by giving you additional energy and a little extra kick to get through a workout, however, I wasn’t too fond of the taste which made it hard to stomach on a daily basis.

The Fat Burner

For anyone who is into taking supplements to help aid in their weight-loss journey, these would definitely be worth a try! They get the job done without adding any additional jitters that you sometimes experience with other brands. No need to set an alarm to take them 3-4 times a day, just two pills, once a day and you can go about your routine. Super simple with great results.

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