It's Detox Time with Gerolsteiner!

Guys, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be participating in Gerolsteiner’s #SparklingDetox with all of you! This week, we will be giving up our other beverage options and consuming only Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water. Not only that, but also all participants are being provided with yummy recipes that are sure to increase energy levels and foster an overall transition to a healthy living lifestyle!

I have been in a mental funk the last couple of weeks and am going to attack this from the inside out, focusing on what I am putting in my body and how that may affect the other aspects of my life. Getting in the minimum 8 glasses of water is what is going to be my hardest struggle. Luckily, Gerolsteiner pairs well with fresh fruit and because it contains calcium and magnesium, I am getting an extra boost of healthy yummy goodness that should be just what I need to get moving and turn things around.

The actual challenge started on the 12th but, I have been incorporating a bottle per day to gear up and hopefully all of my readers that will be joining me have been doing the same. This is your last chance to join the Facebook group and get ready for hydration and nutrition tips, healthy recipes, and more from nutritionist and fitness expert Ariane Hundt, who will be guiding us through the 5-day challenge. Are you ready?

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