Center Yourself and Grow Spiritually with These Three Apps

In an era that is centered on technology, everything can be easily found on your cellphone. There is literally an app for most everything, to the extent that when I attend church most Sunday mornings it is not unlikely to see people scrolling through their phones to read along with the preacher using their Bible apps. I am usually someone who prefers the old school feel of the pages between my fingers and the joy that fills me when I get to open up a new pack of colored pens or highlighters to really get deep into my studies, but hey that’s just me. I have been labeled an old soul a time or two.

But, in an attempt to be well-rounded and to utilize some of the features in my new car I have been investigating ways to get those positive vibes even when I am on-the-go and have come across these three apps that are definitely feeding my mind and fueling my soul.


Abide: This app is freakin awesomesauce and can be customized depending on your mood, struggle, or experience of the day. You hear the prayer and meditate on the things that you need to hear on your time and based on what your heart and soul is needing at that particular moment. There are specific guides, separated by subject type that include an audio prayer, exercises and tasks to help you go deeper. Because I am not a seasoned meditator, this app has definitely served as a much needed guide.


YouVersion: Remember when we talked about those people who love digital bibles and I said I was not one of them? Well I am not but, in the case that I leave my bible at home or need to quickly cross reference something, I am all about the You Version App mostly because of the highlighting capabilities and the different levels of customization that it offers. They have hundreds of devotional programs that are categorized by subject, which is really what I need at this time in my life. There is a devotional for everything! I find myself reading 3 to 4 simultaneously throughout the day.I am all about anything that allows me to make it my own.


Calm: Mindfulness is the current theme and this app allows me to explore and grow in that on a level that I had previously failed to achieve. It is centered around an initial seven day program that will draw you in so you do not feel like a failure when trying to meditate for the first time. The only downside of this one is that they draw you in with the free seven day program and if you want to dig deeper and are ready to venture further you would have to pay for a subscription to advance to the 21-day program. If you make the financial investment is does yield results and has allowed me to achieve a level of zen that I had not expereienced previously. Normally, meditation is me staring in a quiet space trying to get my mind to just stop! However, with this guided app my focus has shifted and seconds turn into minutes and the result being I am actually freaking meditating!

What apps are you guys currently using to elevate your mind, body, and soul? Not the ones that are taking up space but the ones you can’t go a day without digging into. Share some with me in the comment area below?

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