The Workout for Sexual Wellness


I am an avid gym goer; I started to work out using weights at my university gym in Canada when I was about 16. I became very motivated, and I developed a love for weightlifting, which, 38 years later, has not faded one shade. I learned what my body was capable of by continuously expanding my skills. For my first 15 years, I read many books and magazines; I always wanted to keep up with the trends. Bob Paris and Arnold Schwarzenegger were my idols, and I followed their workouts in their impressively large books. Fitness magazines were continuously studied, and I would try the latest exercises all the time – generally sticking with it for the 6-12 weeks duration as recommended by the editor. As my career started to take off, in my late 20’s, I started hiring very experienced trainers, and that took me to a new level.

This kind of attitude for the health, in my opinion, is pretty widespread; generally, it is a way of life rather than a hobby. I think you can see the tie into sexual wellness? As fitness junkies, we are dedicated to maintaining our health, and we strive for new achievements and ways to have fun, show off our hard work, and make the next workout something amazing. Who hasn’t been rushing from work, the airport, or getting up two hours earlier than most to get their workout in that day? Having a dedication to getting something done is a characteristic trait for being successful, even Warren Buffet says, “Persistence is the only sure-fire method for obtaining success.”

How many of this take the same attitudes we have for our health into other important areas of our life? I would hazard a guess that many of us do. The question I want to ask is, do you think you are taking this same approach in your sexual wellness. I know the terms are relatively new “Sexual Wellness,” and it is broad, but I think for people who already have boarded the fitness train; there are some easy lessons we can apply to sexual wellness.

The first question I would ask myself is, do I talk to my wife or husband enough about all the things we can learn? Is expanding our sexual repertoire, vocabulary, experience, and committing to trying new things something that we can see compares to discussing a vacation or our attitudes towards fitness and health? Every couple has to get past that first and subsequent attitude shifting “uneasy” discussions about considering new things in the bedroom. Are we able to discuss this like we may discuss the activities we could consider doing on vacation? There are a plethora of ways to expand your knowledge of sex. And I mean reading the blogs, attending workshops – often run by local adult stores; learning to try something new – like a new workout; long enough to give it a fair evaluation.

Sexual wellness is about having a sex life that is positive, comfortable, and continually exciting (that’s my definition for today). If your fitness attitudes have brought those traits to your health; but your bedroom is still stuck on the workout from 5 years ago, you already have the tools and mindset to make things better for both of you. Make a new sexual wellness “workout” for yourself, and give it a try. Be sure both of you are committed to that workout regardless of the unease or even not “exciting” experience that one exercise provided. Then plan your next. There is no doubt about it in my mind, treat your sex life like your fitness life, and it will continually be something you that returns results.


Guest Contributor