#FitChicks | 4 Farm To Fork Favorites

With “health” being the new “in” thing it is no surprise that businesses are starting to shift gears  in whatever way possible in an effort to grow with their consumers. As avid brunch/patio life enthusiasts we are definitely not complaining.  Knowing that we can enjoy some clean eats while supporting our local community and a couple drinks is just an added bonus.

Being healthy for us isn’t defined by what we look like on the outside but by the type and quality of foods that we are allowing inside of our temples. The growing number of farm to fork/table restaurants in Dallas, Texas creates a much needed balance of fun and functionality that is aligned with the lifestyle we have created for ourselves. What does farm to table/fork even mean? Well, the origins of the concept are extremely honorable in that it reminds the consumer that food is (and actually should be) grown on farms vs factories. It provides a verification of the process from production to consumption and helps the consumer truly understand where their food is really coming from. So, for all of our local faves we have constructed a list of some of our favorite spots!

1. HG Sply Co

We recently discovered this spot on a #FitChicks adventure and after seeing so many other people enjoying the cuisine we just knew we had to try it out. The best part about this place is that all of their menu items can be prepared both gluten and dairy free. The portion sizes are hearty and that is something we love! Normally when I think about “healthy” spots I immediately prepare myself to be hungry within the hour of departure but that is not the case here this paleo friendly food will leave you stuffed! The good kind of stuffed where you feel like you definitely got your money’s worth!

Favorite Menu Item: Huevos Rancheros with a Sunglasses and Advil ( non-alcoholic drink) after you partake in some yummy mimosas

2. Bolsa/Bolsa Mercado

Located in Bishop Arts Bolsa provides customers with an ideal ambiance while offering a menu that is constantly changing with the seasons and that is pretty freakin awesome! The variety is what keeps us coming back along with the creative drink menu. We don’t mind not one bit that the menu can will often change several times a week based off of the offerings of local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen. And if you are looking for something lighter for a quick lunch or just a great atmosphere to get work done we definitely recommend their sister spot Bolsa Mercado located down the street which serves a variety of salads, sandwiches, and local treats. We love grabbing a Local Press Juice with lunch whenever we stop by. Best of both worlds all under one roof! They offer some gluten free options.

Favorite Menu Item: Farro Risotto with a Rio Julep ( Bolsa) or Chicken Salad Sandwich with a side salad and a Cane+ Lime from Local Press Brew

Image courtesy of  dmagazine.com

Image courtesy of dmagazine.com

3. The Ranch

Those of you who also live in our home state of Texas know how much Texas pride runs deep.  The Ranch, with it’s rustic feel and heavy emphasis on “the Lone Star taste” offers a variety of darn good meals that are locally sourced and stocked with ‘you can’t lose here...ever’ options.  It is worth noting that this meat-heavy (welcome to Texas…) selection may not be for those of you who live a strictly vegan lifestyle.  For our vegetarian friends, though, the Fried Green Tomatoes, Queso Blanco, Ranch Wedge, and amaze-balls Margarita Pizza will be well worth the trek to Irving. And, for those of you who need atmosphere with your eats, The Ranch boasts that there in spades with a massive patio setup where you can dine AND listen to live jams courtesy of one of the many of acts featured on their live music calendar.

Favorite Menu Item: Herb-Grilled Split Farm Bird w/ heirloom baby carrots, kale, and dill butter or Chipotle Meatloaf

Image courtesy of  dallasnews.com

Image courtesy of dallasnews.com

4. Whiskey Cake

One of the best restaurants for a solid kick-back (you can actually dine on over-stuffed couches and in the comfort of a rocking chair), Whiskey Cake offers farm-to-table  goodies and an experience that oozes Southern Hospitality.  Each dish adheres to WC’s ‘from scratch only’ motto and expands on the regional sourcing theme by bringing in produce from around the state - live wood grill slow cooking chicken from Nixon, cheeses from Deep Ellum, and herbs straight from Tassione Farms right down I-20.  But, if you’re in need of a good drink that’ll give you a whole new appreciation for the art of bartending, this by far, is your spot.  Take your pick from Whiskey Cake’s vast drink menu and make sure you ask for it on the rocks if, for no other reason, to experience WC’s thrice-frozen ice, a process that purges impurities and results in slower melting cubs.

Favorite Menu Item: OMG Burger with onions mushrooms and goodness and Thai BBQ Duck Wings.

Honorable Mentions (because these places rock too!)


Garden Cafe

Spiral Diner

PRIME Farm to Table

Cafe Momentum (though we’ve yet to actually dine at this restaurant, the story is amazing and is definitely on our MUST TRY list!)

This is just a small taste of what Dallas has to offer and we would absolutely love to hear about some of your favorite farm to table/fork spots no matter where you are located. Only requirement is that they offer good drinks and a bonus would be perfect patio seating options available to! (insert winky face here)

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