#FitChicks: Surround Yourself with Smart Company

Try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if you are, I suggest you invite smarter people or find a different room
— Michael Dell

We’re (CNKDaily and us here at FitXBrit, if you’re new to this #FitChicks thing) pretty smart women.  We both are working nine-to-fives, building businesses, and taking on life with a passion and a desire to do better for ourselves and our families. We’re no different from you. And, as much as we love putting you on to our favorite healthy eats, gym necessities and Boss Chick extraordinaires, we also feel it’s imperative to actually share  some of the things that help us grow mentally as well.

One thing we both feed off of in both our creative and our not-so-creative moments, is being around people who bring something different to the table.  Different perspectives, different visions, different ideas, and different personalities are one of the greatest ways to spark imagination and inspiration in those moments when you’re feeling drained.  For us, though, it goes deeper than that.  

We have no desire to be the smartest people in the room.

As much knowledge as we both bring to the table, it’s always fun when Chan and I get together because we genuinely LEARN from one another.  Neither of us has it all figured out and we’re both super proud to admit it. Because, quite frankly, the only way to truly better yourself is to learn, allow others to teach you, and help teach them.  Engaging with minds that raise your game is not only a blast - it calms the mind, helps reduce stress, and gives us a clear perspective.  So, when we were invited to attend a small brunch at Lazy Dog in Addison with a wonderful group of ladies from the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors to discuss our upcoming business trip to L.A (business for Chan and Idea World Fitness BlogFest for me and the rest of the ladies), we 1) were definitely marking our calendars and 2) were going into the brunch with one simple mindset: learn and grow.

Take a look below at a few ways we’ve found our healthy perspective in laughter, good food (OH.EM.GEE) and smart company.

1. Your mind is a muscle. Work it out.

Learning is enlightenment.  Learning is possibility. Learning is everything.  If you’re constantly surrounding yourself with people who don’t challenge your intellect, how will you ever grow? Especially when you’re building a business, it pays so much to close your mouth and open your ears to really learn from other people.  Much like the muscles we’re constantly trying to tone, your mind is one big bicep just waiting to be curled.  Putting yourself in situations that force you to really think is the best way to hit your mind flex.

2. The only dumb question, is the one you do not ask.

So many times we want to be seen as an expert at whatever it is that we do and because of that we don’t ask questions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not knowing everything. Questions allow us to acquire knowledge but also to eliminate any confusion and get clarification. The one question that you are bold enough to ask may be exactly what was needed to stimulate a little creativity and generate a new idea or two.

3. Assess your environment and adjust accordingly.

We are inclined to want to be around what is comfortable, what is easy, and what makes us feel good, not realizing that sometimes growth is going to do the absolute opposite and that is more than ok. Evaluate your surroundings and the people in your circle.  Make it your goal to maximize the value of each person.  If you have a hard time doing that, this may be a clear indication that it is indeed time to find a new “room.”  Letting go of people, things, and feelings that no longer serve you is good for your soul. But, the things that are going to feed your soul are not just going to just show up on your doorstep.  Bettering yourself is hard work! So, get out and expand your horizons!

Lord knows with the rain that had been pouring down a couple of weeks ago, my bed was calling my name but, guess what?! I would have missed out on all the good food and company just by deciding to do what was “comfortable.”

What are some ways you force yourself to learn and grow outside of your comfort zone?

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