#FitChicks: Cardio & Cocktails with The W Dallas and Grit Fitness

When The W Dallas extended an invitation to what was sure to be a fun night of fitness and drinks, I knew that there was no way I was missing this!  With the added bonus of a plus one, I opted to bring Chan of CNK Daily so we could make this a Fit Chicks adventure.  Hello, cherry on top!

Britt (left) and Chan (right). We're your #FitChicks!!!! Hey guys!

We are no stranger to Grit Fitness and their challenging, yet fun and versatile approach to fitness so, we knew his night would be no different. Upon arrival, we made our way to the 33rd floor of Dallas W Victory Hotel.  Very shine shine.  We were greeted with warm smiles, great music, and an amazing view!

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The night was everything that we expected and then some!  We could pretty much go on-and-on about the workout, the cool people we met, and the adorable activewear the participants were rocking (neon was EVERYWHERE) but, let’s get down to the nitty gritty, shall we? Here are our top 3 suggestions to having the most epic time at a Grit Fitness event.

1. Location is Key:  

Mingling is cool and all, but save that for afterwards because getting a good spot is essential! Dallas loves the Grit Fitness Crew so the room will be packed and because the routines are normally fast-paced, you’ll want to make sure you can see the stage and the instructors! We weren’t so lucky at first, but we managed to finagle our way to the front while taking pictures.  We even got in a few 8 counts! Sometimes a girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do!


2. Be Open to Looking Silly:

The first couple of classes, it’s easy to fall into the group of participants trying to be super precise. But one thing we’ve learned is that you should definitely have fun and just Sweat It Out! If coordination isn’t something that works to your favor, don’t fret, just do your best and give it your all! The more events and classes you attend, the easier it will get!  Annie, Emily, and Christie definitely had us full of good spirits and we both definitely felt it the next day!

3. Stay Connected:

Make sure that you are following the Head Chick in Charge at Grit Fitness; Brittani Rettig on Instagram, Twitter, and on her website. Stay connected with future events by connecting with The W Dallas via Instagram as well.

You should be fully prepared to join us at the next event! Fist pump!  If you’d like to see more from our awesome night with Grit and the W, check them out below.

By the way: If you’re in Dallas (or plan to visit), we encourage you to save May 21, 2016 to your calendar! The W Dallas Victory and Grit Fitness have another festive event in store! Stay Tuned!

 You’ll have a full hour of tummy toning, bun burning combo of Pilates, yoga and boot camp. Perfect your downward dog with the best view in Dallas and stay afterwards to enjoy the pool! Entry is FREE, but space is limited and we’ll be checking tickets at the door.

See you on the WET Deck!

Tickets: WetDeckYoga.eventbrite.com

2016 Summer Classes:

Saturday, May 21st | 9-10AM

Saturday, June 25th | 9-10AM

Saturday, July 16th | 9-10AM


Tickets for each session will open 2 weeks before the class date.

Images: FitChicks


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