#FitChicks: Are You Wearing The Right Sports Bra?

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What’s the most used piece of fitness gear you own? Your sports bra! Chances are that while you’ve changed your sneakers or your workout attire your sports bra is something that stays in the rotation frequently. Research (which you can find here) reveals that your breasts, no matter the size, can move as much as eight inches - up and down, side to side, and forward and backward - through the duration of your workout. That’s A LOT of stress on your tatas, ladies.

All that movement can make workouts uncomfortable and even for some, downright painful. That’s why the right support is crucial, not only for your daily fitness goals but, for your overall breast health. Luckily, a ton of fitness brands have been paying attention to the science behind our fun bags. With various advances in technology, fit, style and support, there’s a bra that can be ideal for every cup size and activity. In order to ban the bounce and enhance the comfort you feel during a great sweat session, we decided to break down a few of our favorite options by size AND by workout preference. Let’s get into it!

Image CNK

Image CNK

A Cup

According to Women’s Health Magazine , straps that stretch or adjust will stay on your shoulders better when you bend, stretch, or lengthen. A clasp-free back will nix pinching and keep you comfortable.

This particular bra features Duo Dry+ technology which reduces moisture and dries fast. The seamless fabric ensures a smooth undershirt fit and the removeable cups coupled with adjustable straps helps you adjust accordingly. Plus, it’s a steal for as little as $5.94 to $16.00 USD.

Do you fall in the B, C, D+ category? Keep reading! There’s more for you too!

How satisfied are you with your current sports bra?  Do you have any brand recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!


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