#FitChicks: Get Bossy with Chelsea Williams of That's Chelsea

All Images via Chelsea of That's Chelsea

All Images via Chelsea of That's Chelsea

Oh April! What a pleasure it is to see you again! Lucky for you, a new month means a new lady we are crushing on that inspires us in the bossiest way possible.

When it comes to inspiration, we are always taking to social media and connecting with women that we would probably not have the pleasure to experience if not for the world wide web and this month is no different! With Veg Week upon us, it was only right to introduce you guys to one of our favorite plant-based foodies (and all around wellness blogger), Chelsea of That’s Chelsea.

Get cozy and stay for awhile as we bring you three reasons why you absolutely need a little bit of Chelsea in your world!

She Not Only Talks The Talk, She Also Walks The Walk

Because of the growing popularity in being a vegetarian or vegan there are so many that are, in all actuality, more in line with the term “veganish.” But not Chelsea! She’s committed. After battling Graves Disease, and more recently hypothyroidism, Chelsea has learned that committing to a plant-based diet not only leaves her feeling better but, also helps her to be her own advocate as it relates to managing her conditions. That is what drives her passion to share her journey and the tips she has acquired along the way with the masses. Not only does she talk food but, you can also get help in becoming more knowledgeable about natural hair, becoming more of a minimalist, and enhancing your own spiritual journey.

She Gives It To You Straight - No Chaser


I personally came across Chelsea and her blog when she published a post titled, “ Why I Stopped Drinking.” Without giving too much of it away (you definitely need to take the time to read it for yourself) her reasons were not only based on facts but, most importantly, they were grounded in things that we can all probably relate to. While I have yet to take the plunge and swear off alcohol entirely, I can honestly say that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Definitely a post that I re-read after a weekend where I had a little bit too much freedom and am reflecting on how I got myself in you fill in the blank situation...again. It’s hard to find a balance between educating people but also remaining human and this Boss Chick definitely accomplishes that on a level that pretty darn dope!

She Isn’t Afraid To Cheer For Others

In a society that seems to be fueled on “self,” we absolutely love when we spot ladies that are not afraid to show love to one another. Whether it comes in the form of sharing a business owner’s products with your audience or giving someone kudos via insta stories, it is just a breath of fresh air when we see women supporting women. Chelsea does this in a way that comes across as organic and makes you want to pass the good feeling along to someone else! That we love!

Get connected with Chelsea via her platforms below and join in on taking the pledge to go veg by giving up meat from April 17-23, 2017!



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