TUTU Cute: TinandElla

All little girls love tutu’s!  Please know that I say that with 100% certainty and mean it from the depths of my soul!  Ok...I’m willing to take it down a notch and say maybe some don’t, but moms love tutus and since we’re the ones in charge (at least until mini can do her own laundry) what mommy wants, mommy gets!

Now, traditionally we think of tutus and put them in a pretty boxed in category. “Prissy”, “girly”,  and “classic” are all terms I’ve heard associated with the new craze hitting the net. But, those were your mother’s tutus - TinandElla are bringing a new take to the table!  For those of you not in the know just yet, TinandElla is a brand ran by the uberly dope Nicki Laureanti.  Her two little girls are nothing less than amazing and the tutus are just the same. Nicki puts a dope spin on this traditional look that you will just have to see to believe!

Whether you want to dress your tutu up or go a bit more casual, you aren’t doing it right if you aren’t rocking with TinandElla. OFTEN imitated but never duplicated, in my opinion!

P.S.: For an extra dose of cuteness, make sure to follow the Boss Lady on her personal account where you will be graced with the adorableness that is Tinley and Stella! They are definitely a double dose of cuteness that you won’t mind seeing on your timeline!

Any cute Instagram shops that you could see as a perfect match for these amazing tutus? Leave your suggestion in the comment area as this momma is always looking for a good shop for Miss. Peyton!

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