"M" is for Mealtime....and messy toddler.

A new month always signals a new challenge or theme so, this March #MomLife is going to be focused on all things feeding.  Whether it’s diving into tips on how to deal with picky eaters (they love the food and then one day they don’t...ugh!) or dishing out some of our favorite recipes and products to help make meal time manageable (and even enjoyable) we’ve got you covered this month.


My mini Peyton’s diet has always been pretty strict in comparison to most, but throw in her diagnoses of celiac disease and her new classroom requesting that all lunches not require heating or refrigeration and this mom (who thought she had it all covered with her minimally processed organic menu, mind you) has basically been forced to hit a massive restart button.  And, if you know anything about me, mommy (that’s me guys!) loves a good brunch or anything that involves amazing patio weather so meals on the go are going to be super important when I want to include Peyton on my many brunch adventures in Dallas, Texas. The only way this will work is if I prepare myself with some go-to products so that Peyton is prepared for  an afternoon of fun on-the-go.

Recently, I decided to go on a test run by packing up for a picnic for two and I wanted to give you some options on products that are perfect for busy moms that are determined to keep nutrition first.                          




1. Nuby Easy Go Suction Bowl

The thing I enjoyed most about this is the carrying case that is attached to the lid so you always have utensils available.  This was very convenient and way better than my sandwich bag full of toddler friendly spoons and forks. The suction capability was another plus!  Peyton is in a phase where throwing or gently tossing her plates and bowls when she’s done seems to be the right choice but, with this bowl, the suction is STRONG and it was really funny watching Peyton even try to get it detached from the table. Did I mention that these are buy 1 get 1 50% off at Babies R Us right now?!

2. Nuby Stainless Steel Food Jar

So, this was a God-sent item that I am so happy that I have crossed paths with! This jar will keep food warm for 6 hrs and cold for up to 7hrs, which is a perfect way to still send P to school with “clean eats” that are home cooked and jam packed with all of the healthy yummy goodness that she needs to get her through a day of school. I have tried several other highly ranked brands and have found that they don’t keep things warm as long as advertised. Another added bonus is the extra compartment that stores dry food as well. We love fruit and yogurt parfaits with granola for snacks so that extra compartment had me feeling like I hit the lottery! This item can also be purchased at Babies "R" Us and is Buy 1 Get 1 50% off!


3. Nuby iMonster Snack Keeper

This handy dandy product help to keep mommy’s car clean and little Peyton entertained! Her belly is happy because snacks are always a win and it helps to develop her motor skills by making her “work” a little for her snack! Plus, you can’t deny how stinkin cute the iMonster is?! Also part of the Bu 1 Get 1 50% off for meal time fun taking place at Babies "R" Us! 

Let me also mention that this toddler phase has sent Peyton into a bi-polar tizzy when it comes to what she will and will not eat from one day to the next.  Monday she was all about avocados, even requesting them by name.  Offer her some Tuesday and she just looked at them like chopped liver. So, although I am not a pro at this just yet, I am going to share with you guys my top three ways of dealing with a picky eater.

Smoothies are Key.

A little bit of fruit goes a long way with toddlers that haven’t been exposed to a whole lot of sweets. If Peyton doesn’t want to eat something, into the blender it goes with a handful a fruit.  Five seconds and a Simple Baby Food Pouch later and we have snack for the next day and she can’t even tell the mystery item is not in her belly. Mom win.


Don’t Give Up.

Keep offering the food to your little one at least once a week. A lot of the times they “think” they don’t like it and it really just boils down to it being a “bad day” for them.


Don’t Make Them Eat All Of Their Food.

Kids really do know when they are no longer hungry so, if they do not want to eat, don’t make them. I love to serve Peyton in containers with lids solely due to this rule we have in our home. If she says she’s done,  cool - I’ll pop a lid on it and offer it again later. Learning to pick my battles with this strong-willed kiddo of mine has made all the difference.

Hopefully I can get some of your best approaches as well in the comments section below.  I genuinely believe we are all a village and sharing tips will benefit someone who is reaching their breaking point in the meal-time battle.

Also, enter the GIVEAWAY by heading over to @RaisingPeyton on Instagram for a chance to win TWO Nuby Meal Time Products to help make meal time fun at your house too!

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