The Potty Training Blues

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Peyton just turned two a little over a month and neither of us are interested in starting the potty training process. I bought two cool potties - that was step one.  When they were brand new she actually sat on them voluntarily and did her business twice. I made a big deal about her new big girl bathroom accomplishment  and she seemed to be all about all the praise she was receiving.   So, I tried to keep it up over the next couple of days but, I was all out of Mommy luck: she screamed bloody murder every time I even suggested she sit on the potty.

I am a big believer in energy and vibes so, I took a second to think about the situation and I came to a conclusion: I may be the problem. I am completely scared of potty training! I feel like I have been a natural in most of the other areas of motherhood thus far (despite my own personal dealings) but, with this I have NOTHING. I am worried about getting everyone else that she spends time with on board and on the same “schedule”, I am nervous of all the pee and poop that may end up on my floor (remember guys: I do have a small - and by small I mean large - case of OCD), I am nervous about us being out in public and having to use public restrooms.   I am nervous about how frustrated I am going to get when her Dad decides that it is too much work and that when he is in charge he’s just going to keep her in the diapers (I promise you this will happen).  What am I supposed to do?!

I’ve read several books and blogs about different methods parents should use but I really want to hear from some of my readers. What are the do’s and don'ts of potty training a little girl? When will I know that she is ready?

My biggest fear is that I’ll put too much pressure on her or make her feel overwhelmed with the process.  However,  I would be lying if I didn’t emphasize just how excited I am about the results of potty training and the amount of money I’ll save on diapers.

S.O.S PLEASE!  Someone help me!

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