#FitChicks: Get Bossy with Destiney LaVonia of Mom Crush Monday

Destiney is a mom, who took her love for her child and turned it into a brand. Her transparency, focus, unconventional approach and overall awesomeness is what makes this Mompreneur both a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration.

Can I tell you a secret? I’m pretty much nervous on a regular basis... and while that sounds awful, it’s really not. It’s because I’m always pushing myself to try new things and pushing myself to get to the next level. If it doesn’t scare me, the dream isn’t big enough. My refreshing thought of the day is that great things never come from comfort zones.
— Destiney LaVonia

So what makes Destiney our October Boss Chick? Let us hip you to three reasons she inspires us in the BOSSiest way possible.  You ready?

Trying to figure out how we can play in LA, all day & still make it on time, to the first day of school tomorrow. 😒 lol . . . It's that time, mamas! Let's get these babes excited for school! I wanted to share with you some traditions we have in our home to end summer with a bang, and celebrate the new chapter before us. Here are three ways I've celebrated the whole back to school deal with H the last couple of years: 1. + SUNDAE BAR + Because what situation doesn't call for ice cream, amirite? Here's what we do: The night before school starts we host an "sundae party" where we talk about what we're looking forward to thing upcoming school year, and enjoy making ice cream sundae's with one topping for every positive thing we say we are looking forward to! It can get a little crazy, but it makes us realize just how sweet this upcoming year will be! 2. + END OF SUMMER TRIP + Because travel. We do an end of the summer trip, to cap off a great summer of freedom and adventure, and to remind ourselves that there will always be another trip to look forward to after working really hard! So let's relax on this last trip because we know this upcoming year, we will be crushing big big goals! 3. + GOAL SETTING + H and I like to each say one thing we want to accomplish this school year, and we write it down and then hang it up. We put it somewhere we can see it every day as a reminder of what we are working towards, and when we accomplish it, we take it down, we put it in a "we did it" jar, and then we go an celebrate! So what is your goal for this year? H wants to learn to ride her bike without training wheels. I want to open two successful businesses. Get out your party hats, babes, because I think we have these goals in the bag. @avalonhotels @wildfoxcouture #momcrushtravels

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She literally is a #MomCrush

Destiney is gorgeous.  We really just had to get that out of the way first. When you are a mother of a young child it is easy to let yourself go a bit but, not this chick!  Her fashion sense (and that of her mini!)  is on a whole other level and serves as a constant inspiration to any girl mom.

Self Care Is The Name of Her Game

If you take a journey through the MomCrushMonday feed, not only will you find gorgeous and strategically curated images, but you will also find gems and words of wisdom that are relatable to both men and women, couples and singles. The theme is consistently “self care” with the emphasis being that you can be no good for anyone else unless you are taking care of yourself.  That, my friends, will definitely preach!

She Turned Her Passion/Purpose Into A Brand

With the growing number of “influencers” that are surfacing via social media it can be hard to stand out and really make a name for yourself. Through her transparency when dealing with motherhood, a shift in dynamics in their family unit, effective co parenting, traveling, and raising a mini fashionista businesses and parents alike have been drawn to Destiney and what she represents through her journeys. When you can take your everyday dealings and turn them into something that is not only profitable but inspiring then you are doing something right.

Make sure you follow Destiney on her journey via Instagram and her blog.

XOX0, Brit&Chan

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