"Sweat It Out" With Tully Lou

This week we take a trip back to the land “down under” in order to  introduce you guys to the phenom behind Tully Lou.  Tully Lou is an amazing activewear line named for the creator herself, Ms. Tully Lou.  Since I practically live in my workout clothes, I was instantly drawn to this particular brand  because it’s just fun! Often times when I think of the person behind the brand I assume that they are usually stuck behind a computer, creating designs and barking orders. That is definitely not true when it comes to Tully! Everything about her screams “chick on the go” that is a force to be reckoned with.  Not only is she the designer and director of Tully Lou, but she is also a yoga teacher too! So, let’s just sit back and get better acquainted with this super dope boss chick, shall we?



1. Name:  Tully Lou

2. Age: 27

3. Hometown : Melbourne Australia

4. What is your favorite way to sweat?

I love hot yoga, boxing and functional HIIT training.

5. How long have you been dedicated to living a #HEALTHYLIVINGLIFESTYLE?

I grew up in a family where being healthy was a priority my mum always made sure that we were not eating junk and drinking sugary drinks, so I guess it was there for me in the beginning. I really started to get into living a healthy lifestyle when i was recovering my an eating disorder in my teens. I soon realized that I had to use food as fuel to help heal my body, and started going yoga to help heal my mind and body. That’s when it really started.

6. What is your absolute favorite workout gear brand and why?

TULLY LOU of course! Its my label I founded in 2013.  It’s all about empowering women to live a healthy and happy life!

7. What is your absolute favorite workout shoe?

I love everything about the ASICS athletic shoes. Everything.

8. What motivates you to keep going on days that you don’t want to workout and or eat right?

The feeling after a workout! That natural high and how good your body feels when eating well - it’s like this new found energy.  I just know they are both going to make me feel amazing.

9. What songs are you rocking out to?

Anything Justin Bieber at the moment! Love the lyrics + the beats make me work hard! But my playlist includes much more! 

10. How can we connect with you?

@tullylou on Instagram

Facebook @tullylou

Make sure you show Tully some love via all of her social media channels and definitely head to her site to shop till you drop!

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